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Instead of hiring a branding agency, Squadhelp allows you to host competitions for business names, logos and other business needs. Thousands of creatives across the globe compete with each other and submit their work. You only pay for the work you love the most. It's quick, simple and costs a fraction of an agency!

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Simply write your project brief and start receiving proposals from our freelancers.

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Dozens of creatives from across the globe work for you at the same time!

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Once you choose the one you like the most, announce the winner and close the contest.

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Why choose Squadhelp?

Pay a fraction of cost vs hiring an agency.

For as low as $199, you can receive agency quality work from creatives across the globe.

Dozens of creatives from across the globe work for you.

For our creatives, it's not just about the money. It's about the passion and excitement to compete with each other and help businesses across the globe.

You only pay for what you love.

Even though you will receive dozens of submissions, you only have to pay for the one that you love the most.

Fast Results. Typically in 24 hours.

Simply write your project brief and start receiving proposals from our freelancers.

Satisfaction Guarantee. (?)
Not happy with the results? No worries!

We’re more than happy to help you re-write your brief, re-open your project to ensure you get a good result, and help you pick a winning submission. Give us a shout — we’re here to help!

Complimentary extension of contest and consultation if you do not like any submissions.

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Squadhelp can help you grow your business

Whether it is a memorable brand name or a pixel perfect logo, Squadhelp's thousands of creatives are ready to work on your next project. Your business can benefit from collective wisdom of the crowd for as low as $100.

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What our customers say

  • "As a first time user, I was totally amazed at the volume and quality of the submissions. Surpassed expectations by far. Many thanks!" Read More Allen S
    United States of America
  • "Other companies charge $25k+ for a brand name, I spent $400 total and feel I received the BEST possible name for what I'm trying to accomplish. This has been the best experience I have had online in a long time! Will use Squadhelp for all future naming projects." Read More Alvin G
  • "Fantastic idea, great interface, excellent customer service - will definitely use again!" Read More Russell L
  • "Instead of racking your brain all day and night, why not tap into the minds of people from around the world to give you a unique perspective on naming your next biggest idea or project? You'll thank yourself when you it's all done!" Read More Huy N
  • "This is a very good and innovative idea. The most difficult part I faced was to select the winning name as most of the suggestions were really good." Read More Ahmed H
  • "I feel so blessed to know about this website. Choosing a domain name which is available is like finding a needle in haystack these days. You folks made my life so easy." Read More Saravana C
  • "Wonderful experience. So much help. Thank you" Read More Heather S
  • "I struggled to come up with a brand name for my jewellery line. I had many ideas, but nothing great.
    By holding a competition I had so many ideas flowing though from a lot of different people, it got my creativity pumping! In the end I chose the entry that inspired me the most and lead me to my end goal. Thanks to all who took part!" Read More Hailey D
  • "Awesome experience! great service." Read More Ernest D
  • "Great Company. I will recommend this Firm. I might use in the future another service with SquadHelp.
    Regards from London, Daniel Miller" Read More Rafael M
  • "We definitely got our money's worth in number of entries, and we very much liked many of them." Read More Steve M
  • "My first experience. Thought it was great. Very easy and lots of great creatice names. Thought the price was very reasonable." Read More Paul F
  • "Very easy to use. Excellent online service. Almost 500 entries in two days was way more than I expected, and I got a great name for my business. " Read More Ricardo G
    United States of America
  • "Worked out Great .. and got a good Logo for my company
    " Read More Ali M
  • "A mind-blowing amount of good quality names, made it very difficult to decide at the end. A good problem to have I guess." Read More Adrian D
  • "Excellent name that matched well with my expetations. Thank you. " Read More John P
  • "quick and responsive group..many great ideas from people not familiar with the project..nice job" Read More donald b
  • "all participants were great, creative and offered many great ideas!" Read More Paul P
  • "Excellent process, we love the site!" Read More Marketing T
  • "What an excellent platform! I was at a loss for coming up with a name for my business. I knew when I saw the entry that it was perfect! I will highly recommend this platform to anybody. " Read More Susan B
  • "This was very helpful and a great deal of fun! Thank you!" Read More Lynn L
  • "Great experience! Be precise to what you are looking for if not, the namers are very helpful to help you getting through." Read More Sophie T
  • "Very good response with some excellent entries from day one!" Read More Tamara A
  • "People shared their ideas very quickly and creatively" Read More Lism I
    United States of America
  • "This has been such a wonderful experience and so beneficial! The entries were creative and intuitive. We will definitely use your service in the future. Thank you!" Read More Mitch R
  • "I was blown away by the number and quality of submissions for my contest. Talk about leverage! Over 1,000 submissions and 100 participants. Plus a great name!" Read More John K
  • "This was a fantastic help in naming my business!! there were so many great options that it did not matter if something was already taken as a web domain because the writers came up with so many new options almost minute by minute. I love this process and will refer others to this site. The entries were creative and much better than slinging names around with friends! Plus it went so quickly that the immediate gratification was fun. Love it love it love it!!!" Read More Janet O
  • "Great Experience. Plenty of name options to choose from. Quick Turnaround." Read More Elena U
  • "Squadhelp was a great solution to help me find the perfect name for my private practice! " Read More Lindsey W
  • "Thanks Squad Help and all the people who came up with a name. Great system and easy to use. More names than you can imagine!!" Read More Gail M
  • "We were overwhelmed with the quantity and creative quality of the submissions. I would recommend this to anyone! Thanks, Squad Help!!" Read More Paula Q
  • "Wonderful process and tool to use to build your business. I wish I would have done this months ago. I recommend engaging in the process and giving lots of feedback. It really makes a difference." Read More ThTheresa N
  • "SquadHelp is easy to launch, easy to use, and the value provided is well worth the money. I received over 350 domain name candidates in just a few days, most of them on the first day. The creative people who participate in these contests are very clever and they seem to really enjoy the work. I'm very pleased with the results. In fact, I will be paying the 'bonus' to register some additional names that turned up during the contest. " Read More Michael W
    United States of America
  • "Enjoyed the unique process! We received some great submittals for our branding project." Read More Michael V
  • "Great site thank you!!" Read More Carolyn F
  • "Very helpful. Found a name I am happy with." Read More rachel p
  • "Great designers, great customer service. Thanks again, SquadHelp!!

    Ricardo" Read More Ricardo G
    United States of America
  • "wow! what a great service! where else could i have 124 people trying their best to come up with perfect name? exceeded my expectations big time! " Read More EFRAT D
  • "I received excellent feedback from the creatives and closed my contest (named my company) in two days. The creative input was so good that I had to really stay focused - I realized I was having too much fun reading the entries! I found the customer support to be helpful as well. Let's hope the logo selection will be equally enjoyable. I would highly recommend this service for your next project. " Read More Jennifer S
  • "Overwhelming amount of creative entries to choose from. Thank you for helping me process through and find the perfect company name!" Read More Danielle R
  • "It was a great way to generate a ton of ideas and interact with some creative people! Will be coming back for more :)" Read More Karim N
  • "i loved getting so man contest entries and they were very creative" Read More jason m
  • "Wonderful product you have here. Very helpful to this writer blocked business owner!" Read More Stephen H
  • "We had been trying to come up with an available company name for our startup for months. (Who knew finding a name with an available URL would be so difficult.) We then gave up and started working with a copywriter. After another month and an invoice for almost $600, we still didn't have a name that we loved. One bronze package and 7 days later, we had 28 names that we loved to choose from. This has been a great experience. We got over 500 entries from 80 different participants. If you take the time to give the participants feedback, they are eager to submit names and work with you. I would recommend SquadHelp to anyone who is looking to choose a name for their business. " Read More Angelika H
    United States of America
  • "Soooo many great submissions. Choosing one winner was hard. Great service!!" Read More Abie K
  • "Very good to deal with so happy with his extra effort!!! Well done thank you" Read More Carolyn F
  • "Great creativity, and lots of choices." Read More Deb R
  • "Great experience. Got some really awesome and out of the box ideas!" Read More Kim F
  • "great system, lots of participants. " Read More Martin S
  • "Love love love this website!!!" Read More Lisa M
  • "Wish I thought of this idea" Read More Peter C
    United States of America
  • "Great participation and interaction with the crowd." Read More Wolfgang S
  • "So much input from so many minds can only be a good thing!" Read More Roey H
  • "We got more entries than we have ever expected. Such an amazing experience!" Read More David H
  • "Thank you very much, it was a great service." Read More Richard B
  • "The process was extremely easy, and I was able to receive an excellent name for my non-profit and ministry. Thanks!" Read More Dawn G
  • "Couldn't be happier with the, enjoyable and the result was perfect!...thank you so much for a brilliant service!!" Read More Stuart T
  • "We decided on the vision and mission for our company but what was lacking is a name. SquadHelp participants impressed us with their creative talents and allowed us to pick a right name out of 600 over entries in just 4 days. Big thanks to all that had contributed your time." Read More Neo M
    United States of America
  • "WOW. We got a ton of suggestions. Did we set a record or something? :) This service was critical for the naming process. We just couldn't step away from our current brand and be creative with a new name. Funny though, I don't think we will use the winners exact name but it will be very close. I highly reccomend Squadhelp. Feel free to use my quote (or a cleaned up version) anywhere. " Read More Baird b
  • "What a wonderful way to link the needs of new businesses with those of talented graphic artists! Loved the experience and the outcome!" Read More Shirley G
  • "Squadhelp exceeded my expectations in creativity of submissions and number of submissions. I'm so happy with my decision to use this service." Read More Gail S
  • "It was an easy process and we were provided with great responses. Thank you! " Read More Vicki T
  • "After a chearfull and overwhelming 5 days. We have a name! Squadhelp thanks for the excellent service! Now up for a logo contest! gr, Haydar" Read More Haydar C
  • "Great system!" Read More Joe S
    United States of America