What can Squadhelp do for you?

Start a Naming Contest and receive hundreds of catchy name ideas and matching .com URLs from naming experts across the globe. With features like Instant Trademark check and Non Disclosure Agreement, we've got you covered! See Recent Examples

Start a Tagline Contest and receive hundreds of creative Tagline ideas for your brand, product or service. Also check for Trademark availability instantly! See Tagline Examples

Start a Logo Design contest and receive dozens of pixel perfect Logo Designs for your Brand. Get unlimited revisions until you are satisfied! SeeLogo Examples

Engage our community for getting Feedback on your product or website. You can also launch copywriting contests for Google Search Ads, or Voiceover contests for getting professional Voice recordings.

How Does It Work?

1. Launch a contest

Write your project brief, and start receiving catchy suggestions from our creatives.

2. Get tons of ideas

Dozens of creatives from across the globe submit entries to your contest within hours!

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3. Pick your winner!

Once you choose the one you like the most, select the winner and close the contest.

Why choose Squadhelp?

Main advantages

Pay a fraction of cost vs hiring an agency.

For as low as $199, you can receive agency quality work from creatives across the globe.

Dozens of creatives from across the globe work for you.

For our creatives, it's not just about the money. It's about the passion and excitement to compete with each other and help businesses across the globe.

You only pay for what you love.

Even though you will receive dozens of submissions, you only have to pay for the one that you love the most.

Fast Results. Typically in 24 hours.

Simply write your project brief and start receiving high quality submissions from our creatives.

Satisfaction Guarantee.

Complimentary extension of contest and consultation if you do not like any submissions.

become a freelancer

for free all the time

Start a Contest

for as low as $199

Squadhelp can help you grow your business

Whether it is a memorable brand name or a pixel perfect logo, Squadhelp's thousands of creatives are ready to work on your next project. Your business can benefit from collective wisdom of the crowd for as low as $199.

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Check out our FAQs or send us a message. For assistance with launching a contest, you can also call us at (844) 447-7823 or schedule a Branding Consultation