About the business

Squadhelp is an innovative crowdsourcing platform which allows companies to host competitions for their naming and branding projects. Creatives from across the globe compete and submit targeted Name Ideas, Logos and Taglines in these contests.

Our success is attributed to on amazing community of Creatives and our customers' willingness to innovate with us. Our innovative scoring algorithm allows our platform to "self-curate" top creatives by rewarding those who submit high quality suggestions. This approach results in a very respectful crowdsourcing process and dedicated creatives, some of whom have won thousands of dollars by submitting memorable names and high quality logos.

Our platform is rapidly growing, with a community of over 40,000 creatives who have submitted more than 3 Million names, helping thousands of companies build a perfect brand at an affordable cost. This impressive milestone has solidified Squadhelp?s position as the top crowdworking platform for branding and naming companies across the globe and reinforces this concept as a winning approach to building memorable brands.

Our Philosophy

We believe that at the end of the day, good ideas can come from  any individual in any part of the world - regardless of their background or professional experience. So why constrain the creativity to one or two individuals - why not let people from around the world provide fresh ideas? Our  platform removes any constraints or boundaries on who can work on projects for small business.

At Squadhelp, people don't get paid based upon their background or qualifications - instead, they get paid entirely on the basis of outcomes. For every contest, only one individual gets paid - the one who delivers the highest quality outcome for the small business.

At the same time, our role at Squadhelp is to provide a friendly, professional, and secure environment where creatives from all walks of life can compete on a level playing field—where they can show off their work, improve their skills, communicate with peers, and win new clients. We have reward systems setup to ensure that good quality work gets recognized. But it is not just the money that our contestants are after - this platform allows them to pursue their dream of creativity by helping small businesses - one small business at a time. .

Having "bootstrapped" our own company, we have a special appreciation for businesses that are fiscally responsible, and we recognize the fact that many businesses do not have thousands of dollars available to hire agencies for their branding, marketing and design activities. With projects starting from $199, we are making access to world class talent much more affordable for businesses.

Contact Us

You can search our knowledge base to get immediate answer to your questions. Or you can send us an email at service@squadhelp.com and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Our Mailing Address

Squadhelp Inc.
3333 Beverly Road,
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179


Check out our FAQs or send us a message. For assistance with launching a contest, you can also call us at (877) 355-3585 or schedule a Branding Consultation