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Receive hand picked, memorable taglines for your business from our branding experts

Host your very own "Taglines contest" where dozens of talented experts compete to submit personalized and memorable taglines for your business! If you don't like the submissions, you get your money back!
  • You describe your requirements
  • Dozens of branding experts compete to submit taglines for your business
  • You only pay for the tagline you like best!
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How do Tagline contests work?

1)Start a contest

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2)Begin receiving cool taglines

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3)Pick a winning Tagline!

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Still have questions?

Why should I use this service instead of hiring a freelancer?
By running a contest, you are leveraging the collective intelligence of our experts. You will receive many taglines and the best part is, you only pick one winner based upon the highest quality. If you don't like any tagline, you get your money back.
How can I improve the participation in my contest?
By providing ongoing feedback to the contestants, you will see significant increase in the quality of outcomes. Our contestants adjust their submissions if they receive ongoing feedback on the quality of their submissions.
What if I do not like any taglines?
We are confident that you will love the submissions. However, in the rare case that you don't like any submission, simply request a refund. We will promptly refund your payment (minus the $25 listing fees). Note - Guaranteed contests are non-refundable.
How many contestants will be working on my project?
A typical contest has dozens of contestants competing to produce the best design. The more prize money you offer, the more contestants you'll attract.
How I can I become a contestant and participate in these contests?
Complete our simple registration process (takes less than 5 minutes). Then you can submit entries to any contests that are active.
What if I dont want others to see the tagline submissions?
If you are concerned about others being able to see the taglines for your contest, you can chose to hold a private contest. In that case, no one will be able to see the submissions besides you.
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Check out our FAQs or send us a message. For assistance with launching a contest, you can also call us at (844) 447-7823 or schedule a Branding Consultation