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Retail Store Name

Business Name Ideas (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: MyGoodName
, On: 04/20/14
Time Remaining: 3 Days 20 hours

I need a name for a store that I am opening. This is a very specific type of store…. To explain, I have a family member who is a hoarder. This isn't one of those cases where all you see is garbage. She has so many beautiful things that have be...
brand name

Domain Name Ideas
Started By: cacia
, On: 04/19/14
Time Remaining: 2 Days 11 hours

I intend to open an business in a rustic house with different types of services, the main services is paint all so shabby chic, then in separate area a dog grooming area. maybe later on the other side skin clinic! not sure But i would like ...
Name for an IT and Business consulting company

Business Name Ideas (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: SeekingBusName
, On: 04/18/14
Time Remaining: 1 Days 3 hours

The name should be easy and professional sounding. BUT MOST IMPORTANT: The name should have a beginning that sounds like 'THE" as in word the or them. It should begin with a sound that is like a soft 'D' Not Acceptable: if the beginning of nam...
Logo for Art Consulting Business

Logo Design (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: rupie
, On: 04/18/14
Time Remaining: 2 Days 18 hours

I need a logo for "Lotus Art Consulting" which will be an international art consulting business. A lotus should be used in some way - i.e. the flower, petals, etc. ****Please see the following link for an idea what I'm looking for: http://ww...
Fine jewellery brand with an edgy concept - Brand name & Domain name

Brand Name Ideas
Started By: jewellerybrand
, On: 04/18/14
Time Remaining: 4 Days 16 hours

THE PRODUCT: New London based brand of high end jewellery. The basic product is luxury goods, jewellery made of 18 carat gold set with gemstones and diamonds. THE MARKET: The brand is aimed at a certain category of women, modern independent wome...
Sports academy naming

Domain Name Ideas (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: Cesardali
, On: 04/17/14
Time Remaining: 5 Days 22 hours

We are a company committed to the growth of high performance athletes. We make the difference with our innovative training methods and strong values. We have comprehensive training systems (physical, nutritional, and psychological) for all ages and l...
Wedding & decoration Brand name and domain name

Domain Name Ideas (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: Lusitania
, On: 04/17/14
Time Remaining: 1 Days 15 hours

We need a new brandname and domainname for our company. At this time the name is Wonderland4U We are selling decorations and gifts for weddings at our onlinestore: The name could include the word "wedding" but does not ha...
Create 3 cartoon style drawings using the same cartoon human character

Logo Design
Started By: 4vation
, On: 04/17/14
Time Remaining: 3 Days 14 hours

Portray a human character placed in 3 comical scenes based upon the attached text. Each scene would be just 1 drawing. The character needs to be male adult human, the whole scene to be in colour, we want a cartoon style scene rather than life-like s...
Invitation Only Contest

Logo Design (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: smansourprimestone
, On: 04/16/14
Time Remaining: 2 Days 19 hours

This contest is only open to our exclusive members
Business/domain name required for on-demand adhoc mobile service

Domain Name Ideas
Started By: jimmyho
, On: 04/16/14
Time Remaining: 18 hours

I am working in a new startup, which aim to provide semi-luxury ad hoc/on-demand services via mobile app or website reservations. Services include beauty, wellbeing, delivery service and maybe even cleaning later, so would need a name more generic...
Help: I need to name a mediation, negotiation and facilitation business

Business Name Ideas (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: amk73
, On: 04/16/14
Time Remaining: 13 hours

In July this year I will be launching a new business that will provide three services. These are 'mediation', 'negotiation and 'facilitation'. Mediation is basically working cooperatively with parties to resolve disputes before issues get to a co...
Name Beauty Fitness Online Store

Brand Name Ideas (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: bodyfaceshop
, On: 04/15/14
Time Remaining: 5 Days 4 hours

What we are: We are an online website selling products centered around beauty and fitness. Guidelines: is a must -Pronunciation and spelling must be easy -Short and easy to remember -No more than 2 words -Don’t include t...
Slogan for Custom Woodworking Company

Tagline & Slogan Contest (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: Antmelnikov
, On: 04/15/14
Time Remaining: 1 Days 3 hours

I need a slogan for a company that manufacture high end kitchens, closets tv units etc. I need cool and catchy slogan.
Invitation Only Contest

Business Name Ideas (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: Lookingforlove
, On: 04/14/14
Time Remaining: 1 Days 5 hours

This contest is only open to our exclusive members
Tea Company

Business Name Ideas (Winner Guaranteed!)
Started By: wadegalea
, On: 04/14/14
Time Remaining: 15 hours

Please note that to add to the original brief below - we would love to be a single brand name if possible.... like apple, nespresso, T2 (which is a tea company in Australia), etc. The name does not necessarily have to have the word 'Tea' in it.. ...
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