• Contest type
    Naming / Domain Names
  • Title
    create brand/web domain name for real estate agent directory
  • About Business
  • Extension
  • Type of Business
    Service Provider
  • Target Customers
    People seeking to identify and engage with an experienced and professional real estate agent who is familiar with their suburb.
  • Detailed Brief
    This online directory is a searchable list of active real estate agents by suburb/area, allowing prospective home sellers to locate an experienced and professional real estate to engage for an appraisal.

    The brief is to develop a brand/name that will instill confidence among the target audience and prompt action (by way of a directory searche on the site).

    Respondents to the brief should consider both simple, descriptive names along the lines of, for example, "agentfinder.com" (or similar), however more 'aspirational' names such as "moveup.com" could also be considered.

    Please also consider SEO implications of the names.

    Please also note I am seeking to register an Australian domain name - so the extension must be .com.au.

    Given the category, the name should instill a degree of professionalism and trust in the mind of the prospective seller (i.e. it should be more 'serious' than most typical e-commerce/online portal domain names. For example, I am not looking for a 'monster.com' (for example) as I don't believe this is appropriate for the nature of the service.

    I have not included any 'ideal' words in the brief because I would like respondents to adopt a 'blank canvas' approach to this project.

    Thank you in advance for your time and efforts, and I should note that I seeking to launch several e-based businesses in the coming months, so I look forward to engaging the most creative and talented respondents with future briefs.
  • Names We Like
    Descriptive - e.g. agentfinder.com.au; aspirational - e.g. 'moveup.com.au'
  • Any Keywords to include
  • Maximum number of letters
    No Limit
  • Maximum number of words
  • Style of Name

  • Tone of Name


  • PADMAVATHI Contestant.com.au

    thankyou gr8men2r

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • gr8men2r Contestant.com.au domain availability check

    try www.domainregistration.com.au
    although it's for domain registration, you're prompted to check for availability first . it works like godaddy.com

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • PADMAVATHI Contestant.com.au

    plz someone tell me where I can chk the.com.au availability

    • 4 years ago  • 

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