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    Naming / Company Names
  • Title
    Charity Bike Ride Name
  • About Business
  • Want a .com URL
    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL
  • Type of Business
  • Target Customers
    males and females - professionals 25 - 555
  • Detailed Brief
    A motorbike ride from one town to another for a charity fun run. It is targeted to the mining industry and for people with motorbikes to do a 4 day charity bike ride from one mining town to another. Loads of fun, and targeted to both males and females. needs to be a ride that we will build a website for , and people will register on. Something short and sweet... main focus is Mine ... or Ride or... town.
  • Names We Like
    Mine, Bike Ride, Town
  • Any Keywords to include
  • Maximum number of letters
    No Limit
  • Maximum number of words
    No Limit
  • Style of Name

  • Tone of Name


  • Withdrawn entries section ( Number of entries Withdrawn : 30 )
  • cre8v Contestant

    TO THE CONTEST HOLDER --- There is an error in this competition. Because you set the word limit to "0" we cannot suggest any event names with more than 1 word. E.g. The Miner Motorbike Ride wouldn't be accepted. Please fix this ASAP so we can help you --- thank you.

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • bruja Contestant

    This contest is fishy. What do you make of contest holders who pay for crowdsourcing for several contests then run away with the entries they like without declaring the winners?

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • Alpha1 Contestant

    Then again, I would think the CH could be encouraged for their own benefit to rate as there are many that feel the same way I do. Just easier on both parties I would think. Again, I am taking a break and not submitting any more for abit. Thank you ! Great idea.

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • Alpha1 Contestant

    Thanks for your input.

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • Shannon01213 Contestant

    I would say if your not happy about not being rated in a contest quit submitting answers. Solves the problem.

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • Alpha1 Contestant

    It is frustrating. I found out by another CH, they just dont do anything when they have their mind made up ... Iwish they would delete or 1star it than leave not rated. The Perfect name could be in the works, but no response makes on go on to other things. SH please make this mandatory! Either have CH delete it or 1 star it ... something.

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • Faidzinn11 Contestant

    still not yet rated, It makes me tired to think more deeply.

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • bruja Contestant

    only domain contests are private. yet this is not a domain contest but entries won;t get through if rejected by the domain filter. i'm confused. i thought everything is private. tsk tsk tsk. everyone should give a feedback to the admin so this whole thing will be clarified.

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • PADMAVATHI Contestant

    Why suddenly open contests started coming? It will be good if we have all the contests private. No need to blame anybody, or argue for our rights, I entered first, you entered first etc.

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • emad Contestant

    Didn't realize this was an open contest until after I submitted my names. I think I'll hold off on submissions because if any of them resemble somebody else's, I don't want to be accused of "stealing" the name.

    • 4 years ago  • 

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