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    Name a Solar Company - with a goal to Change the World
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    .com , .net , .ca
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    Real Estate
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    Homeowners in Ontario, Canada for solar. Everybody for the portal.
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    We are a start-up Solar Company in Toronto, Canada.

    Our business is built on a model that you have to be complete in what you do. Do everything with no harm, only good. It simply is not enough for just your product to be green. We install solar panels, and all our business practices are green, for example we use recycled paper on all business materials and buy only eco-friendly products. We donate 10% of our profits to charity. No shortcuts. This isn't even about the money anymore. We start this business with a goal to help people, environment and all the species. Giving is the foundation of our business

    First of all, it's a solar company. So we have to show our customers that we are committed to serve them, we are a honest business and all our green business practices show it. The name has to be professional.

    We also want out website to be a PORTAL for people to learn about helping people, climate change, green practices, species protection, how to act, share ideas. Simply, teach people how to change the world. Many people are conservative, they don't want to change. We want to make change easy to understand and that people can actually even profit from it.

    So the name has to be very easy to spell and it can't include describing words "solar" or "energy". Like the name that we had is Tesla Solar. It really means nothing to the customer.

    VERY IMPORTANT: We don't want long names, abbreviations, names that are hard to spell and pronounce. Before submitting an entry, try to pronounce the name yourself and imagine that you have to say it on the phone or in front of a group of people 100 times a day, would the people understand it or you would have to spell? Or if you see this name somewhere on a sign, would you remember it?
    We don't want names that need to be spelled.

    Made-up words can be used as long as they create right impression and don't need to be spelled

    We don't want names with numbers in them like people4change, names that are too long, words that need spelling to understand. No EARTH in the name because it's hard to pronounce, No 'environment' because its too long

    The name has to create a right association and impression.

    We would love if the name has maximum 8 symbols, however we will consider your ideas.

    We like the idea of http://www.skywardsolarpower.com/ their name can be used for anything, not just solar. We don't want a domain that long though :)

    We prefer .com, however if you have a good idea, .net and .ca can be used.

    We will rate new entries every day, just like in our previous contest here:


    Please read the comments on that contest, same apply here.

    Thank you for taking your part in making the world a better place!
  • Names We Like
    solsmart.com, toyswap.com, sunpower.com, care2.com, treehugger.com
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  • mikemax Contest Holder

    Thank you everybody for all your entries! We have some really good results so far, still 2 days to come, keep them coming!
    I try not to rate less than 3 stars unless the entry is completely out of brief, so you can delete and replace anything that has 3 stars or less.

    Thank you!!

    • 4 years ago  • 

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