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    Naming / Company Names
  • Title
    Aquarium Store name
  • About Business
  • Want a .com URL
    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL
  • Type of Business
  • Target Customers
    Individual, corporates
  • Detailed Brief
    actually we would like a name that takes into consideration the products and services we will be offering and on the other hand the objective we have to grow the business at a regional level. The name should on one hand reflect the business of aquariums, fish, live organisms, water decorative,.... on the other hand it should reflect our ambitions... I suggest you take into consideration the following aspects when suggesting names:

    1. One word or 2 at max

    2. Arabic country, so culture not really close to Greek Gods and ancient history

    3. Business: aquariums, fish, live organisms, water decorative, maintenance

    4. The business will start in the state of Qatar and will expand to other countries in the region

    5. We want our stores to be the flagship of our brand

    Please let us know if this is information is clear for you, if not we will be ready to provide you with any other info that would be of help.
  • Names We Like
    Apple, Disney, Pixar, Four Seasons, Sea World, Aqua Art, Microsoft
  • Any Keywords to include
  • Maximum number of letters
    No Limit
  • Maximum number of words
  • Style of Name

  • Tone of Name


  • Alpha1 Contestant

    Even though you have 6 days left, if you begin rating we will know which direction to go ... Thanks:)

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • Abdulrazaq Contest Holder

    This could be Arabian name if possible, but my target is worldwide. but i prefer an English name if possible. i am going for a name that could be a trademark and i will need a domain name also.

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • topchop Contestant

    Any feedback and ratings you can provide will help guide us in the direction to go in as we are brain storming ideas...thank you

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • Alpha1 Contestant

    Will you be needing a domain or trademark free name?

    • 4 years ago  • 

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