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    Naming / Company Names
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    Company Name for Staffing Industry Consulting/Recruiting Service
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    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL
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  • Target Customers
    Small to Mid-size Staffing Firms (Owners, Presidents, Executives, Hiring Managers)
  • Detailed Brief
    We are launching a boutique Staffing Firm which specializes in providing staffing services to the Staffing Industry. Sort of like a recruiter for recruiters, but not limited to that. We will be staffing Sales and Management level positions as well...but exclusively to Staffing Firms. Additionally, we'll be offering other value added services such as training and support with a very flexible model where companies can choose the level of service and pricing that works for them.

    The Staffing industry has evolved over the years and is rapidly changing due to the growth of Social Media. We will be 'partnering' with our clients to ensure they are hiring top talent with cutting edge skills, giving them cost effective options, while freeing them up so they can focus on their core business. For Staffing Professionals, we will provide one-on-one consulting, helping them meet their professional goals and land the job of their dreams. At the end of the day, we are a Matchmaker for the Staffing industry.

    The word staffing doesn't necessarily need to be included as we are planning to use 'Staffing Industry Talent Finders' as the tagline (this is not set in stone if the name suggests otherwise)

    It's important that the brand/image appeal to both sides - Clients AND Candidate as we'll always be seeking the best of the best talent in the Staffing Industry (with a focus on Social Media Recruiting Skills)

    Once a name is selected, we will need a logo and other design elements, but ultimately we are looking for a sleek modern feel and a website that is very 'socially' friendly. We'd like something bright, sleek, clean and colorful, yet professional. Nothing dark.

    The following two names & domains are currently under consideration: Day1Staffing and fast4WARD Staffing.

    Lot's of info, but hoping to get your creative juices flowing. Thank you and looking forward to your ideas!!!
  • Names We Like
    Yoh!, RazorFish, Monster, LinkedIin, indeed
  • Any Keywords to include
  • Maximum number of letters
    No Limit
  • Maximum number of words
    No Limit
  • Style of Name

  • Tone of Name


  • SJC123 Contest Holder

    please continue with 'hire' or 'hired' as first or 2nd word suggestions, others still welcome. Also if the domain is not available, but is by adding the word 'staffing' at the end, then it's ok. Thank you!

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • SJC123 Contest Holder

    please offer some two word suggestions with the 2nd word being 'hire'. Other ideas are still welcome

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • SJC123 Contest Holder

    Names do not necessarily need to include staff, staffing, recruiting, etc. because we can always add the word 'staffing' to it. Feel free to create or join words that are completely unique, like SnapFish, LinkedIn, Monster, etc. Something catchy, memorable and quirky...thanks!

    • 4 years ago  • 
  • SJC123 Contest Holder

    Thanks for all the great names -they are amazing! I'd like to select a name that has the .com domain available

    • 4 years ago  • 

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