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    Naming / Company Names
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    Need a name for a travel agency
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    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL
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    Honeymooners, travelers of all ages, family vactioners
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    I am staring a new travel agency. Our primary specialties will be destination weddings, honeymoons, and beach travel ( Sandals Resorts, Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, etc) I don't want to limit myself from other types of travel, etc. by using a name that suggest we are only honeymoon specialist or destination wedding planners, etc. As far as names I don't want to use anything silly or "cutesie"
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    No Limit
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    No Limit
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  • justind Contest Holder

    I don't want something to limiting. I have thought incorporating things such as the word Aloha, etc. but do not want to limit myself. I would like something all encompassing or something that would incorporate maybe honeymoons or destination vacations but not something as limiting as say "Aloha Honeymoon Specialist" That says 2 things, we only do honeymoons and we only do honeymoons in Hawaii. So I do want to stay away from something that I think would limit me.

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • bmalone Contestant

    It's in the contest details.

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • Alpha1 Contestant

    maybe we should rename the site
    "John Squad?"

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • justind Contest Holder

    I have requested that squadhelp change this to private instead of public as some people have requested.

    • 3 years ago  • 

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