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    We offer a full service, outsourced accounts department for Australian franchisees. This includes doing all of their bookkeeping, accounts payable, payroll, reporting and government compliance. We do this very cost effectively because we apply cloud based technology to take what are currently manual, time consuming tasks and automate them. The advantage of tackling franchise groups is because there are often hundreds of franchisees and therefore we can afford to invest in integration and automation and still get a fair return.

    Our company name is Zee. This is a derivative of franchi"zee" and it how the franchise industry refers to franchisees. We need a tagline that clearly communicates what we do and / or the benefits of what we do. Franchisees are mostly micro businesses who prefer simple communications. Nothing fancy, keep it simple and direct.

    While you could describe what we do as bookkeeping, we dont like the term as it completely undervalues what we do. We are more like a virtual accounts department.

    Some keywords for what we do are:

    Accounts Department

    Some keywords for the end results are:

    Get your life back
    Helping franchisees succeed
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