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    Name for a property management company
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    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL
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    Service Provider
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    homeowners/property owners
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    We are starting a property management company that will be a full-service business offering a wide range of community management services, including a large portion of property maintenance services. our market sectors include High-Rise Buildings, large Scale community rental communities and condominium & homeowner associations
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  • LynnParks Contestant

    Is it safe to delete unrated entries? So that we can add fresh ones?

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • rickp21 Contest Holder

    im really not to particular

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • LynnParks Contestant

    If it's not too much trouble - could you comment when you've had a chance to look over submissions? That way we know it's safe to delete those that haven't been rated. Thanks!

    • 3 years ago  • 

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