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    Naming / Company Names
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    Name for an Engineering Consulting business
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    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL
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    Engineers, managers and procurement departments
  • Detailed Brief
    We are starting a engineering consulting company. We specialize in instrumentation and control (I&C) systems for power plants. Specifically, we are experts in designing modern digital systems that provide automation and data acquisition. We do not have any products; we sell our engineering knowledge and experience.

    Our current clients are only in the nuclear power industry but one day we might expand to other types of power plants.

    The name should be professional but easy to say and remember. The name should easily translate into a web domain name.

    For legal reasons, the business name can not contain the word or any form of the word "engineer". Example: "Super Engineering" is prohibited.

    Here are some keywords that we encounter daily:
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    No Limit
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  • VTengineer Contest Holder

    A big thank you to everyone that participated. This was my first venture with crowd-sourcing and my experience was great. I'm sorry that I wasn't present as much as expected but I will do better next time. In the near future, I will need a logo, business cards, etc.

    I wish I could reward everyone that submitted their great ideas.
    Thanks again!

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • Bobolink Contestant

    Hi@ CH:Thanks for the feedback! Just to lighten things up a bit: old '70's american phrase: right on! right on! right on! :>)! Don't worry, be happy!

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • envisionit Contestant

    Thank you VTEngineer. We know you have a big job to do nd very much appreciate your comments. We are often just trying to figure out if we need to submit more options, or if we are on track. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • VTengineer Contest Holder

    Sorry guys for not rating and commenting at much as you would have liked. I was not prepared for the amount of interaction on my part that you were expecting.

    I have not decided on a winner yet. I'm very overwhelmed with all the creative ideas presented. I will try to rate more today. Thanks for your participation. It might not be obvious, but it's greatly appreciated.

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • albert Contestant

    i guess you are right- does anyone know why they doent even answer your questions to get the best possible name-

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • firehawk828 Contestant

    1 5 star means have a winner already.Move on to other contest.Congrats lightless...

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • albert Contestant

    we feel a little unloved recently

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • envisionit Contestant

    Hi, just wondering if you are rating more, or have selected a winner. I did get some ratings from you in the beginning, but I've entered more possible names and am not sure if you've seen them. Any info would be great! Thanks so much in advance. Madison

    • 3 years ago  • 
  • albert Contestant

    did you want descriptive or something more off the wall

    • 3 years ago  • 

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