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Winner:                         anniepro

Winning Submission:  " ReadySetDie . com "

Award amount:             $ 50.00

  • Contest Title
  • Zombie Run Naming of Company
  • Contest Category
  • Gaming
  • Detailed Brief
  • Our name is currently The Running Dead website www.TheRunningDead.ca, and we love it, BUT it’s a trademarked and we need to change. Please ehlp.


    1) ALLITERATION - like "Love Language".

    From wikipedia.org “alliteration is the repetition of a particular sound in the prominent lifts (or stressed syllables) of a series of words or phrases… example is Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers.”

    2) Contemporary sayings like "Run For Your Lives"

    3) I love witty names

    4) Play off of popular movies and TV shows like “The Running Dead” or “Dash of the Dead”

    IMPORTANT NOTE: We must be able to buy the .Net or .Com for the name.

    - We’re a 5 kilometre obstacle course run that is infested by Zombies (people in make-up) “runners” (aka Humans) come to run and have fun with there friends, and “Zombies” come to act like Zombies and capture lives.

    See our website www.TheRunningDead.ca

    - The Running Dead, Dash of the Dead, Run for Your Lives, tough mudder, spartan race, warrior dash, monster dash

    - Zombie, dead, dash, living, obstacle course, 5k, 5000, apocalypse,
  • Domains We Like
  • The Running Dead, Dash of the Dead, Run for Your Lives
  • Target Audience
  • 25-35 hip young men and women that like to have fun
  • Ideally, domain should
    have these Tags
  • Zombie,dead,living,5k,5000,apocalypse
  • Maximum words in the
  • 3
  • Maximum domain length
  • No Limit
  • Extension
  • .com , .net

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  • 1 years ago
  • Posted by : JPRichards (Contest Holder)
    Yes delete un-rated and un-commented names
  • 1 years ago
  • Posted by : Christine 
    Is it safe to delete the ones not rated prior to your comment?
  • 1 years ago
  • Posted by : dontcallmekathy 
    Your brief states under words we love: 5K, but your comment says you don't want 5k...I assume, the comment is the correct statement...no 5k in the name?
  • 1 years ago
  • Posted by : JPRichards (Contest Holder)
    I dislike words: Race, 5k, Zoom, Death