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    Naming / Company Names
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    Brand Name for Home Automation Company
  • About Business
  • Want a .com URL
    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL
  • Type of Business
    Home Improvement
  • Target Customers
    Target Audience - Home Owners, middle class and above, electronic gadget owners,
  • Detailed Brief
    Home Automation company looking for a new one word brand name. It is likely we will attach a suffix to the brand name e.g. "BRANDNAME Home Automation".

    The company designs, supplies, integrates and Installs consumer electronic products to accomplish an automated home. This includes automated / centralized lighting, HVAC and distributed (multi-room) audio / video. The company will also be selling its own products under that brand in the future

    For an example of home automation by a leading technology supplier (a company whose products we actually use, among others) , please see this videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG5EiQEA0Po



    We require a one word BRAND that can be registered as a domain e.g. XXYYYYZZ. We will use this brand to affix suffixes for different business divisions e.g. "XXYYYYZZ Home Automation" or "XXYYYYZZ racked systems". We want the community to come up with XXYYYYZZ
  • Any Keywords to include
  • Maximum number of letters
    No Limit
  • Maximum number of words
  • Style of Name

  • Tone of Name


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  • AndrzejKowalski Contest Holder.com contest

    The requirement for a .COM name is clearly set out in the design brief.

    • 5 years ago  • 
  • AndrzejKowalski Contest HolderOne word name

    I think the original design brief is perfectly clear on this.

    Clearly a fancy word like XXZZZZ qualifies as does an amalgam of words like MyCoolHome.

    "Home Automation company looking for a new one word brand name. It is likely we will attach a suffix to the brand name e.g. "BRANDNAME Home Automation".

    • 5 years ago  • 
  • sridhar.2011 ContestantOne word name

    I agree fully with the point raised by iBusinessArena. If you want a single word that can be any fancy word please mention that. Do you need the word 'home' in the brand name ? If not kindly mention that too, because many creative participants are giving more names with 'Home' in it. Please take some time to clarify...it will be helpful for us to provide you a suitable name.

    • 5 years ago  • 
  • sridhar.2011 Contestant.com contest

    If you are looking for an available .com then post this contest as a domain name contest. You can request squad help to do this so that you can save time on checking the domain names for each brand. Hope this practical move will save a lot of time for you.

    • 5 years ago  • 
  • iBusinessArena.com Contestant@ AndrzejKowalski

    You can register any .com name with addition of " Home Automation" - Since you requirements include cool brand name with single word. Mostly single word are not available as domain name unless they are twisted by combination of words

    • 5 years ago  • 
  • iBusinessArena.com Contestant@burja

    alphabetics are not property of anyone. it doesn't make sense that apple has reg 'i' as trademark so billion of people at earth can't use it. 'i' also stand for internet.

    • 5 years ago  • 
  • AndrzejKowalski Contest HolderCLearing it up

    Please read the design brief. To reiterate, I want:

    * a one word logo
    * capable of being registered as a .com name

    • 5 years ago  • 
  • bruja Contestant@everyone

    I think there are too much abuse of the small letter "i" as prefix to names. That letter is trademarked by Apple.

    • 5 years ago  • 

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