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    Naming/Company Name

  • Title of the Project

    Name for a New Business

  • What is your Business/ Brand about?

    The new business is a Pilates and Gyrotonic studio offering private and semi-private sessions with highly trained and experienced instructors.

  • Want a .com URL?

    Yes, But minor variations are allowed

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  • Type of Business

    1. Activity & Games - Fitness & Instruction
    2. Professional Services - Training and Informational Sessions

  • Additional Details

    This Pilates and Gyrotonic studio focuses on quality instruction, meticulous relationship management, and individualization and customization. Cheap group classes have saturated the neighborhood, and my group of rigorously trained and highly experienced instructors seeks to revive the core values of Pilates workouts. While this studio seems exclusive when compared to group classes, it is still extremely accessible. Many people believe that Pilates is only for women and ballerinas, but the system was originally developed by a man for men, so I need to avoid anything that could be perceived as too feminine. Many people believe that private Pilates is just too expensive, but this business is not only competitively priced, the value proposition is evident. Each instructor has experience with every type of body no matter age, fitness or skill level, injury, etc. Each instructor has a proven track record of using Pilates principles to reverse the effects of age, gravity, and lifestyle. An authentic approach to Pilates can deliver amazing results. The business is located on a busy street in Pasadena, CA called Arroyo Parkway which is home to many of the most reputable businesses in our fair city. The studio is just 2 doors down from a flagship Whole Foods and across the street from a Pasadena institution called Parkway Grill. The studio is housed in a funky mid-century building designated by the Historical Society and features hardwood floors, original big beautiful windows, and a funny old-fashioned bank vault left by an old tenant. I was hoping to call this business Studio Core not only because core strength is a major component of Pilates, but also because I've a assembled a core group of instructors who will get back to the core values of Pilates. Unfortunately, I have read that Core Power Yoga, a large fitness conglomerate, is protective of the word core so I am reticent to go in that direction. Additionally, the word Pilates cannot be trademarked, but the word Gyrotonic is highly protected and cannot be used without permission and adherence to strict guidelines. As such, the business name can include the word Pilates, but including the word Gyrotonic may be more trouble than it's worth.

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    I don't have a preference

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    No Limit


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