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    Naming / Company Names
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    Name and brand for bulk materials trading company
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    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL
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    Packaging manufacturers (mostly) and investors
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    We are traders of raw materials in bulk - commodities! Our current focus (but not our only focus) is plastic resin, the type used to make drinks bottles and food trays. The resin comes in many forms, both new and reclaimed/recycled but don't wish to focus on key words that will trap us to one market like 'green' or 'recycling' or 'resin' as all these words exclude other commodities, such as aggregate, timber, copper etc.

    All goods are traded by Sea; like the name seatrade but it has already been used and also 'Capstan' so open to all naming ideas. Though few brand names will impress our end consumers, we certainly hope to impress our investors, excited about our market diversity as we move thousands of tonnes of materials around the globe.

    Decided to use this web template, so logo to suit please http://sl.im/3igu (image linked below)

    Name needs to be manageable in phone calls. We will be securing the domains if available and registering the trade mark, so you will absolutely know your brand has been adopted.

    We buy bulk, we stock-pile, we trade, we refine and re-invent our materials and markets and we are inherently environmental with a great deal of recycled and renewable sources.

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    Like the used name seatrade
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    No Limit
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  • bruja Contestantif we can have a domain filter feature on squadhelp,

    then might as well have a 'brand' filter feature too. however, is that possible? people can just enter names as they like and think they are not being used by someone else so it's time to at least add a function here that will prevent the 'joynamers' from flooding all brandnaming contests.

    • 5 years ago  • 
  • bruja Contestantwow

    so many names here that are already taken... please do take into account the originality of your ideas. why use existing brand/company labels?

    • 5 years ago  • 

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