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    Logo for Scrap Metal Recycling Business (Panthera Recycling)
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    UPDATE: We love the lion image that we have attached below. It needs to be altered so that we can use it as our own. We like that the straight lines in the design help make the lion appear masculine and the 3-d effect applied to the snout. We would also like to see a larger mane on your unique interpretation of this image.

    We want a creative, bold, pictoral mark style featuring the company name "PANTHERA RECYCLING" in capital letters. Please position the word "PANTHERA" above the word "RECYCLING"

    like this:

    as opposed to this: PANTHERA RECYCLING

    The logo should include the image of a male lion / lion head or at least incorporate a body part that can be associated with a lion (tail, paw, mane etc.). We prefer that this image appears realistic looking compared to one that is cartoon-like.Please do NOT use the three arrow recycling logo-entries that do, will not be considered. These are the preferred guidelines but we will consider any unique and interesting designs that you submit.

    Our website name is listed but the site is not up as yet.

    Thank you.

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    No discussion available.

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