• Contest Type

    Naming/Product Name

  • Title

    Coffee blend name needed!

  • About Business

    We are a specialty coffee company that offers a variety of coffee configurations and blends.

  • Want a .com URL

    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL

  • Type of Business

    1. Food Related Business

  • Detailed Brief

    We are an established coffee company looking for a name for our new coffee. 

    We are looking for a name that is fun, unique, and a little quirky.

    Lighthearted, playful, and G rated.

    This is not an espresso blend, so please no names referencing espresso or espresso based drinks (latte, mocha, etc.)

    Please no caffeine related names, ie: jitterbug, perk-up, bean related puns, or use of the words- sip, cup, blend, brew, or java. 

    We do not need a URL.


  • Maximum number of letters

    No Limit

  • Maximum number of words


  • Style of Name

    1. Real Words (e.g. Apple, Adobe, Fox
    2. Tweaked Words (e.g. iTunes, Edgeio , Zvents)
    3. Compound (e.g. Facebook, SalesForce, YouTube)

  • Tone of Name

    1. Fun/Quirky/Punny


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