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    Naming/Company Name

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    New Architecture Firm!!!

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    Commercial Architecture (mid-size) and some residential

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    Yes, But minor variations are allowed

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    1. Consulting

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    Medium & Small businesses / business owners. Some developers and residential clients

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    I'd like your help naming my architecture firm:: So excited to be collaborating with you all.

    I picture a firm of up to 15 people doing mostly commercial (and some residential) work.

    Typical architecture firms in Houston go by a name or initials. Precedents include Gensler, PDR, HOK, Kirksey, etc.

    Names I've thought of and like: Cypress Design and Architecture (CDA). I like the reference to the beautiful, long-lived cypress tree. Only problem is it's also the name of a suburb where I live. Could be too location specific.

    Third Generation Architecture; Could be TGA for short. I like the idea that buildings my clients commission will benefit people for generations. It's something their grand-kids could be proud of or benefit from.

    Legacy Architecture: Similar concept. Leave a legacy with your impact on the build environment.

    5-10 Studio --- I also like the parable of the sower; the man is loaned 5 and gives back 10. I want to provide that same service to my clients: giving back more in value than I take in payment.

    That's what I've been thinking. Refinements, changes, and entirely new ideas are totally welcome!!!  

    Thank you for your help,


  • Names We Dont Like

    I don't want something too weird, that people can't spell or pronounce; should not be overly self important or monumental; goofy or funny is probably not a good fit either

  • Key Selling Highlights

    1. Great service: attentive, we listen, we give you back more than we take in fee
    2. great design; all employees and customers will get to enjoy great architecture; it benefits the business and the neighborhood for years to come

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    No Limit

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    No Limit

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