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    Naming / Domain Names
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    Home Buying Business - Distressed / Motivated Sellers
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    Home Sellers who are looking to sell their house below market value, could be in distress, or moving, or divorce
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    Need a name for a house buying business. We Buy Houses Cash. Keep it positive. Don't directly remind them of their problems. Keep it flexible as a brand for print , TV, radio. Shorter is better. Home and homes.com both need to be available if you choose to use that in the name. We buy from people who are motivated, either due to situation - ie job loss, divorce, foreclosure - and we solve their problems. They come to us - and ask what we can purchase their home for. We need to convey that we are honest, fast, and hassle free and a means for them to move on in their lives.
  • Names We Like
    expresshomebuyers.com, cthomesllc.com, yeswehavedeals.com,
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    No Limit
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    No Limit
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