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Brand Names Matter – Google’s Unsettling Past


Few people know that Google is not simply an abstract brand name–it takes its name from an augmentation of googol, a term for 10 raised to the 100th power. But what if we told you that Google was not always known by their iconic, memorable brand name? If you aren’t convinced that brand names matter, Google’s history might change your mind. Back in 1996 when Google first launched, they went...

Squadhelp Recognized as one of The Six Most Innovative Companies by Inc Magazine


Inc. Magazine Unveils Its List of America’s Six Most  Innovative Companies In the 2018 Inc. 5000 Recognized as One of The Six Most Innovative Companies in 2018 Squadhelp Also Achieves #247 Rank on 2018 Inc 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. Chicago, October 15, 2018 – Inc. magazine recently recognized as one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2018...

Brand Names Matter –


Amazon is a widely-recognized brand that has grown to immense success over the years. However, the retailer might not be what they are today if its founder Jeff Bezos had not made a strategic business change early in its lifespan. Originally, Bezos started an online book retailer, Cadabra. He wanted to market it as “Earth’s Largest Bookstore.” The term Cadabra came from the magic word...

How Audience Testing Can Help Ensure The Success Of Your Business Name


This article was originally published as a contributor article on YoungUpstarts on October 10, 2018.  Coming up with a name for your business is an intimidating process. So much rests upon a few words that have to sum up your brand’s identity. If your name cannot support your brand, it will slow the trajectory of your business. Still, how can you ensure that the name you have chosen will perform...

Brand Names Matter – Ram Dass vs Richard Alpert


In 1967, renowned and controversial ex-Harvard professor Richard Alpert left America. After running experiences and studies involving psychedelic drugs, Alpert set out to India. When he returned, he returned as Ram Dass This move, while influenced by spiritual practice, was essentially rebranding. Richard Alpert was born to an upper-class Jewish family in Massachusetts. He was well-educated...

How to Develop the Perfect Business Name for Just About Anything


You’ve got the best idea since sliced bread. Now you need the perfect name for your business, product, website, or whatever it is that is now nameless. In other words, you need a truly spectacular business name that will sum up your emerging brand perfectly, catapulting it firmly towards the success you know it deserves. You may have wound up here for a few reasons… You’re nervous because...

Best Cosmetic Brand Names According To The Squadhelp Creative Community


The cosmetic industry pulls people in with promises of new looks, expression, and beauty. Cosmetic brand names, like all business names, have to be impactful, captivating, and memorable so that people can learn about the brand before they buy. We asked our community of creative naming experts, who have already helped develop nearly 20,000 winning names for as many projects, what their favorite...

How To Build A Classic Brand Name That Exudes Trust And Capability


With several different styles and endless types of names to choose from, naming a business can feel impossible. However, there are a few places to start. For one, you can consider how you want to come across. When naming a business, you must consider the tone you want your brand to convey. If you are seeking a traditional, preeminent presence, you should consider a classic name. What are classic...

Best Movie Titles According To The Squadhelp Creative Community


We love great movie titles because they pull us in and tease themes or subjects of a film before we watch a movie. The Best movie titles captivate and grab an audience’s attention. They must be memorable and striking, otherwise cinema-goers will leave a theater after a movie wondering what the name of that movie with the cool trailer was. A good movie title stays in your mind and speaks to...

How To Make Your Brand Explode Rather Than Your Brain: Expert Tips To Choosing The RIGHT Name For Your Company


This article about choosing a business name was written by Squadhelp founder Darpan Munjal and first published on Entrepreneur. The best names support business success – the worst names help you fail! Choosing a great name for your company is much trickier than most founders first believe. The best brand names wander into our subconscious unnoticed. They assimilate smoothly into different...

Insights from 18,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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