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Squadhelp Has the World’s Most Powerful Name Generator


Even if you think you know how to do it, sitting down and coming up with brand names can be frustratingly difficult. None of your ideas are clicking, even after you’ve outlined the values and imagery behind your brand. You’re racking your brain trying to draft ideas, but for whatever reason, you just can’t seem to make any significant process. If you find yourself stuck or are looking for...

Avoid these devastating Technical mistakes when naming your business or brand


When creating name ideas for a business or brand, the most important focus is always to create a relevant name with strong meaning and positive associations. Whether the name is descriptive (PayPal, Science Comics, Noodles & Company) or subtle (Tinder, Apple, GreenPeace, Red Bull) a great name sets up your brand positioning.  However, in your search for a powerful name, don’t...

Top 8 Funding Options for Your New Business


It takes money to make money, and it’s surprising how much you can do with just a little cash. For new businesses, a stack of working capital can help you to hit the ground running. Renting adequate office space, buying shiny new equipment, hiring top-notch employees—it all requires cash. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of business financing options at your disposal. From government...

Business & Brand Name Ideas 101 – Essential Training


In this video, we’re going to share with you proven tools and techniques to create names that people will like and love.  While you watch this video, you’re going to want to have three things in front of you: Open an active Squadhelp contest that is assigned to you, so that you can follow along and practice everything we’re teaching right now and get the most from this training...

5 Tips on Bootstrapping Your Startup


Many aspiring entrepreneurs think that great businesses begin as a pitch meeting with an imposing but infinitely wealthy angel investors. On the other hand, many young entrepreneurs have romanticized the idea of building an empire out of the change in their pocket, naive to the true complexities and expenditures of their business. These lines of thinking may make it seem impossible to create a...

Tips For Naming Your Fashion Brand


If you’re a passionate creative and entrepreneur who’s looking to make a fashion brand, you’re likely well aware that you’re entering a crowded market. Brand names are perhaps more important in fashion than they are in any other industry. Customers build their identities around fashion brands, showcasing brand logos as extensions of their personality. No customer is going...

How 25,000 Entrepreneurs Found Incredible Brand Names at an Affordable Price


See how over 25,000 entrepreneurs were able to quickly find powerful brand names, helping them launch successful businesses! You don’t need to be a branding expert to know that a brand name can make or break your business.  While most people think brand naming is as simple as coming up with something catchy and short, it’s actually a careful science. Your company’s name is its first...

Brand Naming Ideas for Your Consulting Business


It’s essential for consulting companies and marketing agencies to demonstrate their strong knowledge of branding in order to succeed. Clients are going to be putting their trust and money in you, so you need to immediately establish your consulting agency as a credible brand. There are a number of things your clients will look at while scrutinizing your brand; your logo, your website, your...

4 More Common Brand Naming Myths


Many people assume that brand naming is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Just write a bunch of names on a whiteboard and pick the one that sounds the catchiest right? In actuality, creating a brand name is a nuanced process that requires a lot of foresight, planning, and creativity. Drafting a name gets even more complicated due to the prevalence of several common myths surrounding...

Naming Ideas for Your Finance Business


In an industry like finance, connections are everything. Finance brands live or die based on the endorsement of influential people and the respect carried by their brand. The absolute last thing you want is for a satisfied client to forget your name when recommending similar services to a friend. These crucial word-of-mouth recommendations don’t materialize if your business lacks a rock-solid...

Insights from 20,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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