10 Tips to come up with a memorable name

Devising a catchy and memorable name will always be vital for a new business; and although it may seem like such a frivolous and even pointless task, coming up and creating a catchy name for your company may be the most substantial decision you can ever make.


The name of your business has a colossal impact on how people view you and what you can offer, so coming up with business name ideas that are catchy and memorable can aid you in drawing more customers to your business; the following tips listed are ways to help you create memorable business names that can be beneficial to your company and the products you offer.


SIMPLICITY IS BEST– the name of your business should be kept concise, and hyphens should be avoided as well as special characters when creating a name for your business.

Some algorithms and directory listings work alphabetically, making it highly efficient to create a name beginning with the first few letters of the alphabet.


A UNIQUE AND EXTRAORDINARY NAME – any person who owns a business opt for names of companies that remain unique and memorable over the years. However, this can become a challenge since name trends change almost yearly, making the task of selecting those that are timeless quite difficult to fulfill.  


OBSERVE YOUR COMPETITION – devise a list of the company names of your competitors and correlate them to help devise creative ones that are fresh, unique, and will emerge from the crowd.  


CONSIDER YOUR TARGETED AUDIENCE – it’s best to take advantage of the knowledge you have obtained about your targeted audience by using this to create a business name that will have an impact on them. Doing so can help measure the relevance of any name that you may think of.


AVOID UNUSUAL SPELLINGS – when creating a name for your business, it is highly suggested to use words that can easily be remembered and spelled by customers. A few start-up designers experiment with unusually spelled words to make their businesses stand out, yet this can become a problem when people search online for your company’s name, or try to refer you to prospective customers.


NAMES SHOULD BE EASY TO PRONOUNCE AND REMEMBER – refrain from using made-up words and nonsense phrases to create catchy domain names. Instead choose a business name that will allow customers to pronounce and remember easily. In addition to this, acronyms don’t hold much relevance to most people, so it’s best to avoid using these when creating a memorable business name.


MAKE SENSE – oftentimes, business owners tend to choose names that contain words that do not make sense, or bizarre words and trademark-proof names that are made from scratch which tend to be nonsensical. It is essential to check the international implications since more than one company have experienced issues concerning names that have negative and even obscene connotations in other languages.


USE COMMON SUFFIXES – most of the time, people assume that your company name or your product’s name is your domain name minus the suffix (.com), or the standard suffix for the country that you are from. Remember that if these suffixes are unavailable for the name of your choice, pick a new one instead of settling for an alternative such as ‘.net’ or ‘.info’.


DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF – if you select a name that labels exactly what you do, doing so may limit the future growth of your business. It’s a wise idea to be general when choosing a name for your business to avoid revisiting or possibly remaking your brand any time in the future.


GATHER SOME INPUT once you have come up with a few ideas for your business name, inquire with your friends, colleagues, family, as well as potential clients regarding the choices that you’ve come up with. Ask for their impressions and suggestions then use their feedback which may add more impact to the names that you’ve already chosen.


In the end, it is essential to know how to use your business’ name consistently, how your corporate identity functions, your branding, etc. Those elements, in addition to your work and behavior, will make your company name more recognizable and remembered by your customers. One great way to come up with a memorable name for your business is by launching naming contests by taking advantage of crowd-sourcing websites such as Squadhelp where a wide array of name suggestions can be found.