5 Powerful ways to lead by example

Behind every successful business is a great leader. A great leader is not only someone who is good in his words, but also true to his words. In another essence, the “Follow me, do not follow what I do” does not apply to him. In short, he leads by example.   There is nothing more […]

3 Ways to make your business stand out

When you are building your own business or just starting your own brand, you tend to focus on how to market your product and services – how to get the word out there and spread that you are providing such product or service. The tendency for new entrepreneurs and business owners is to focus on […]

Get more productive in your business with our tips

The right time to quit your job and start a business

You are not happy with your job. You hate your boss. You feel like you have been exhausted for years in your current company. So you think of quitting to start your own business. Well, I hate to break it up to you, but if these are your reasons for starting a business, then I’m […]

The importance of leadership and innovation in business Success

There was a time in history when the only thing that matters in running a company is extensive research and planning. Objectives, goals, points of action, strategies and timelines were very important in business success. These elements are still important in the success of an organization during the current times. However, with the rapid changes […]

The 5 Benefits of social media in business

At the start, social media was just considered as a fad and something to use in passing. When social media platforms were sprouting from different kinds of genre, it changed the way people communicate each other. These platforms were used to connect with family, friends and other people easily from one end of the world […]

5 Reasons why millennials may be the best entrepreneurs

With today’s fast growing economy, today’s young generation are exposed with modern tools and gadgets, high technology equipment and a wide array of resources. Modern technology has paved the way of easily transmitting information from one end of the world to another, and even created ways to produce instant food and beverages. The most used word is […]

Be a business trendsetter

The world is dynamic, especially in the business industry. What may be popular now will no longer be in the future. The future is not even counted by years – but months, weeks and even days. Trends often change. Sometimes they go back and forth, but most of the times they go forward. Innovation has […]

Time management tips for business owners

Aside from financial resources, time is the most important investment in your company. If you are an owner of a business, schedules can be tough – from meetings, conferences, client appointments and other partnership deals. Being a businessman is not a walk in the park. It requires both your time and your energy, not to […]

The 5 Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

There is no one formula for success. In fact, its measurement varies from business to business and from one culture to another – depending on one’s values and beliefs. Regardless of these factors, success is definitely not just how much your business is making, but also how much is effectively saved and invested for its […]

3 Common branding mistakes to avoid

When the discussion of branding comes to surface, you immediately think of the most popular brands, such as Coca-cola, Nike, Apple, and other popular companies which have successfully branded their businesses. We all know that in coming up with a brand, it needs careful thinking, research, understanding and thorough consultation. However, no matter how much […]