5 Tips in building your personal music brand

If you are an artist, good in singing and composing songs, chances are you will pursue the music industry and let yourself be known as a musician. But being¬†known is different from being recognized in the craft that you do. If you have a good voice and excellent composing skills, you can be a musician. […]

The power of a business name

What is the power of a business name? Before discussing what its power is, let us go back to naming people. Without even personally knowing or seeing a person, when you hear his/her name, you immediately create your first impressions on the person. I remember when I was talking to a client named Linda. We […]

7 Tips in creating a top marketing slogan

When thinking about a slogan for your business, you want it to be something which would catch your target market’s attention and would stick on the minds of potential customers. A slogan should be in line with your product, service and the brand of your company. An effective marketing slogan is something which is easily […]

7 Tips to brand yourself online

With billions of names and users in the online community, one can easily get lost in the crowd. For businesses, it is easier to not be known than to be seen by its target consumers. If you are an entrepreneur and want to get your name out and introduce yourself to the world, you need […]

Tips on naming your pizza restaurant

Naming your business is a very crucial part, especially at the very first stages in marketing your product. The name is the very first thing your potential customer would evaluate whether to try your product out or not. Thus, finding and coming up with the name, specifically for your pizza restaurant, needs a lot of […]

5 ways to build customer trust

Great customer relationships are always good for the business. When a company has a solid customer base, it is set to progress for the longest period of time. According to the Management Study Guide, once a personal and emotional linkage is built with your customers, it is easy for the company to identify their needs […]

7 of the worst business names

What is in a business name? In business, the name is the first thing people would know about your business. They may hear or see your product or experience your service, but it is in the name that they will be able to identify your business identity and speculate on the brand. The name often […]

Biggest avoidable mistakes every startup commits

In every type of business, no matter how well-educated you are or what background you came from, challenges are unavoidable. Startups are highly likely to encounter problems and issues along the way. However, while these challenges may be unavoidable, the actions done to counter and get through them depend on the startup business. These actions […]

5 Ways to boost your photography business

You have the talent in photography. You are creative in your craft and your photos just speak for themselves to the ones viewing it. So, you build your own photography business – thinking that you are doing what you love and you can earn at the same time. While this is a good mindset for […]