Conducting short and effective brainstorming meetings

Brainstorming is essential. Whether you’re trying to decide on the name that you’re going to use for the company or you’re developing expansion ideas and marketing plans, without help from others, you’re going to struggle to find great solutions and answers. That’s why it’s important that you know how to make each brainstorming session effective–without […]

The domains they are changin’: All you need to know about .mobi and other extensions

Remember those days when purchasing any domain name that didn’t end with a .com was out of the question? Even if someone had the option to register a short and catchy domain name with other extensions, they would still opt to choose a 6+ word domain. But over the last decade, especially led by drastic […]

Should you use a play on words in your name?

When you tell someone that you’re going to start a business, what’s the first thing that they ask you? It’s not ‘what are you going to do?’ It’s not even ‘where are you going to run it?’ It’s ‘what’s your name?’ Everyone wants to know the name of your business! So, if you’re in this […]