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3 Common branding mistakes to avoid


When the discussion of branding comes to surface, you immediately think of the most popular brands, such as Coca-cola, Nike, Apple, and other popular companies which have successfully branded their businesses.


We all know that in coming up with a brand, it needs careful thinking, research, understanding and thorough consultation. However, no matter how much time and effort you put in it, your brand still fails to lay out a very good foundation for your business. This usually happens because a lot of starting business entrepreneurs do not avoid the common branding mistakes which greatly influence the thinking and perspective of prospective customers and clients.


Here are Three (3) Common Branding Mistakes to AVOID:


Not fully understanding your market

  • Most startup businesses fail on this area. Instead of defining and setting apart your market niche, they tend to target everyone. They do not have a specific target market. Remember, as the saying goes, “You cannot please everyone,” this also goes the same with your business. Your business cannot cater to everyone’s needs nor serve everyone’s interest. Therefore, you must be able to clearly set a market and fully understand their needs – assess their wants, evaluate their buying tendency, study their behavior, and be watchful of their emotional reaction towards your product or service. Your prospective clients or customers can help you in the foundation of your brand. Their wants and needs can fill-in for what you can provide, which will happily satisfy their emotions. Fully understanding your market will help you in creating your company goals, vision, taglines, logo and also your product or service concentration.

❌ Forgetting to follow the branding basics accordingly

  • Because of the overwhelming ideas for your business, sometimes, you easily forget the basics of branding. In brand naming, you tend to go for what is trendy or what is catchy (at the moment). Or in logo designing, you tend to go for what is most popular during the season. However, you must remember these basics.
    • Brand Naming. Go for something simple, memorable, timeless and relevant. Make sure to choose a name which is related to your business. If not, choose something which is relevant to what your business is all about, its ambiance or how it makes your customers or clients feel. If it is simple, it can easily be remembered. When it is easily remembered, customers or clients can easily help in promoting your brand through referral and word of mouth. Do not go for what is a fad. A fad is good for a season. You do not want your brand to last only for a season.
    • Logo. Your logo is the visual representation of your company. Have a story behind it. Use symbolism, unless you would use texts. Put in mind that your logo will be used not just in websites, but also in papers, small business cards, etc. Do not go for what is trendy. Trends come and go.
    • Brand Colors. Establish a brand color. This will create a lasting impression to your customers or clients. Colors help people remembering. If you choose the appropriate brand colors, your product or service will easily be associated when these colors come to play. Look at Coca-cola, for example.
    • Brand Ambassador. This does not necessarily only include the one advertising your product or service. This includes your employees, your social media platforms and, most especially, this includes you. Make sure that your brand ambassador is consistent with the mission and vision of your company. Remember, consistency is the key.

Complex brand ideas

  • It is important to carefully think of your brand – to brainstorm ideas, to consult various professionals and to even evaluate the environment before deciding what your brand is. However, a carefully thought and planned brand does not necessarily mean an over-complicated brand. Best example is Apple. Its simple logo, along with its simple message to its customers, has successfully thrived the company for years. Just the same with Nike – “Just Do It.”




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