3 Ways to make your business stand out

When you are building your own business or just starting your own brand, you tend to focus on how to market your product and services – how to get the word out there and spread that you are providing such product or service. The tendency for new entrepreneurs and business owners is to focus on marketing and advertising. It is proven that social media presence helps your business. However, there are more considerations than just marketing. There are other players in the industry who are offering their own product or service. It is easy to get lost in the crowd. Selling your product or offering your services may not be that easy as you think. You have to find specific ways to make your business stand out among the rest. Working with different clients in the industry has provided insights on just how to do that.

You can consider these 7 ways to make your business stand out.

1) Focus on Customer Needs

Tips on Writing a Slogan for your RestaurantInstead of focusing on how to get your customers to buy your product or avail of your services, focus on what they actually need and want. What products do they prefer? What services are they willing to avail? Interact with them as much as possible. Connect with them. This is when social media comes in; use it to hear out them out. Do not just use social media for marketing. Use it to actually connect with your customers or clients and even your prospective customers and clients. For example, if you are offering consultancy services, make sure to get to know them and their life story – Why are they getting your services in the first place? What are their aspirations? You get personal with them and genuinely help them out. Remember, you are not just selling your service; you are helping your clients out. When they feel that you are sincere with what you are offering, then they would surely patronize your business and even recommend them to other clients.

2) Focus on a Specific Target Niche and Position Yourself as An Expert

pexels-photo-89873There is a saying which goes that if you try to serve everyone, you serve no one. You must specify your target market. Narrow your prospective customers/clients, those the one who you know you can offer your expertise. For instance, if you are a lifestyle coach, do not be just a lifestyle coach. Be a lifestyle coach for mothers with husbands working in the military. The goal is to be specific and to target a specific group of people. When you have already identified a niche, be able to position yourself as an expert. Let them trust you and rely on your expertise. Positioning yourself as an expert means not only making yourself known as an expert; it is also about molding yourself to become one or to improve your knowledge and experience. You may be already an expert, but you need to continuously improve to provide your customers/clients better products or services. Let’s take for example Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. People know that they are experts in their fields and people buy their products because they trust them.

3) Go beyond mediocrity

shutterstock_168161765-1334x889You have to go beyond what you are offering. This does not mean that you have to always go overboard. An example of this is if you are selling computer gadgets, instead of just offering a year’s warranty, offer to have an open-line of 24/7 communications between your customers and your line of technicians. Make sure that their queries are answered and problems are addressed. If a defective product was sold, then offer to replace it for free. This may be costly, but it is worth your business reputation. No one will patronize low-quality products, and no one will be loyal to a business which only cares for profit and does not care about its customers. If you are a lifestyle coach or mothers with husbands in the military, then make sure that your clients can contact you 24/7 through chat or emails. Make yourself available and ready to serve.

There are other ways to make your business stand out, but these 3 are the basic considerations which you need to apply to your businesses. If you are able to do this, then clients and customers will surely notice your business. Remember, however, these are only ways to make your business stand out. Once customers and clients are coming in, you have to sustain the quality of your product/service. Take note, the best strategy is always giving the best customer satisfaction.