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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Business Naming Services


No business can survive without a solid name. And although it may not look like it on the surface, the name of your business directly affects your business’s investment potential, employee turnover, as well as its relationship with customers and suppliers.

The sooner you take control of this crucial area, the faster you can build a brand that customers would trust and love to do business with, something business naming services can help you achieve flawlessly. 

Naming professionals are tested and trusted when it comes to offering business naming services like helping you discover the best name for your business or product.

At Squadhlep, we understand that there’s more to a business name than crafting a short and memorable one. The name of a business is its visual identity, it’s key to the online world, and that’s why you need a name that’s tailored to your specific niche, a name that captures your brand’s creativity and strikes an emotional chord with your target customers.

The Benefits of Hiring Business Naming Services

Leveraging the help of a business naming service could be all that saves your business from falling flat on its face the moment it makes its entry into the market. Just like a baby, you’d need to pay attention to all the needs of your business and make sure it has everything it requires, not only so it can survive, but so it can also thrive in an already flooded market.

Equipping your business with a name that’s a perfect fit for your brand shouldn’t be the only thing on your list. You need the right tools to help you set your brand’s tone and voice, and that’s something brand naming professionals can help you achieve.

If you’re trapped in the process of naming your business, consider hiring a business naming service because they’d help you:

1.      Save Time

As an entrepreneur, your time is important. The research, brainstorming, and testing processes involved in getting a name can take weeks, if not months, of your time. The valuable time you can’t afford to lose.

By outsourcing the naming process to professionals in business naming, you free yourselves to execute other crucial tasks for your business. This way, trusted professionals handle your name while you focus on optimizing your product and services. It’s a win-win.

2.      Guarantee Quality Names

Our creative community has generated thousands of names that work. We know how to research your niche, creatively generate unique names that’ll match your brand’s tone, and also test these names to see how well your target customers react to it.

By using our brand naming services, you won’t get generic names that’ll stifle the growth of your business. You’ll get unique, functional names that set you apart from your competition and instantly catch your customer’s attention.

3.      Matching Domain Names

Despite the pandemic, millions of Americans have identified the need to start a business, why? Because hard times are also the best times to start a business. And for businesses that get a squad to help them through the naming process, you can be sure of getting brand names with an available online domain because potential customers, competitors, and the whole world is already online, so there’s no reason for your business not to be. 

4.      Audience Testing Services

Most entrepreneurs don’t consider testing their business’s name to gauge its performance with their target customers. 

But at Squadhelp, we extensively test; not one, not two, but six superb names for your business with over a thousand people. This way we can make critical adjustments and select the one that best fits your brand, as well as communicate with your target customer demographic.

When To Hire A Business Naming Service

With 30.7 million small businesses in the US alone, it’s pretty obvious that great business names are scarce, and most entrepreneurs caught in the crossfire of trying to come up with a creative business name usually don’t know how to navigate this situation, or when to get in touch with the professionals.

So here’s how you know it’s time to contact a business naming service.

  1. You’ve spent more than a week coming up with a great business name.
  2. You’ve turned to family, friends, and your employees in desperation.
  3. It seems all the ‘good names’ have already been snatched off.

Your business name is special and should be handled with care. So give it the professional attention it needs. Get a squad to help give your business a firm footing and achieve its goals quickly.

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