5 Reasons why millennials may be the best entrepreneurs

With today’s fast growing economy, today’s young generation are exposed with modern tools and gadgets, high technology equipment and a wide array of resources. Modern technology has paved the way of easily transmitting information from one end of the world to another, and even created ways to produce instant food and beverages. The most used word is instant – instant coffee, instant noodles, instant meals, etc. Fast food and quick deliveries have also been there for awhile and have been a common go-to by youngsters, or who we call the millennials (the ones born within 1980-2000).

Millennials have been living in world where everything can be available in the shortest time possible. From food, drinks and now, services. They have a tendency to choose a way which is more convenient and fast. For example, they opt to purchase movie tickets online, instead of lining-up in the movie theaters and waiting for their queue. They avail the services of Uber instead of waiting in line on the taxi stand. The millennials are generally impatient and have been used to the “instant”. It might sound negative but it actually has its upside.


This generation, according to a research done by Bentley University, prefer things to be fast and quick and they tend to be more independent and entrepreneurial. Unlike the past generations who desire climbing the corporate ladder and being in a prestigious office with a black suit and tie, this generation prefer things differently. Because of the lifestyle of instant gratification and quick access, the millennials have realized that they do not have to wait for quite a long time to achieve their independence and satisfaction in their jobs. This is why they readily take action on their dreams and move forward with optimism.


According to studies the characteristics which millennials have which are great for entrepreneurship are the following:

1) Optimistic They believe that whatever they dream of, they can achieve it. They have been raised in a time where Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were already existing. Their success stories have been published and have been inculcated in the minds of this generation. If they can do it, then we can – this is a millennial’s common mantra.

2) Achiever – Although many success stories of entrepreneurs have been about dropping out of school, this generation is still serious about academic excellence, making them well educated and widely versed with knowledge about academics and business. They tend to achieve in every aspect they see they would do good.

3) Independent – Millennials crave for independence. They are more likely to leave their 9 to 5 jobs, in pursuit of entrepreneurship and building their own businesses.

4) Seeks meaning in what theyentrepreneur-593361_1920 do – It is not really more about money. But it is among the considerations. Millennials have realized that money is not the beginning and end of happiness. It is just part of it. This is the reason why many youngsters leave their high paying jobs in pursuit of a dream they are still building. They want to work and live meaningful lives – knowing that there is a reason for what they do and not just do it for corporate profit. They are more enticed in doing work for its success is a reward itself for his endeavors. And being an entrepreneur enables him to help people more or act on his causes freely.

5) Responsible – Millennials know that they would not forever depend on their parents or their guardians. They know that the wheel of life is round. They strive hard to build their own success foundation, instead of relying from other people. They are more inclined to look for better ways to improve their life, and at the same time, live their life by their own terms.

Each generation has its own perks and lows. The millennials have these traits and have been born in an era where technology and improvements are fast rising. They can either take advantage and make use of it or not. But most probably, THEY WILL.