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5 things you can outsource when launching your startup


The process of recruiting talents is very long and tiring. In middle-sized and small-sized businesses it can take more than a month to find an appropriate hire. After all this time of waiting, you have to pay a recruiter or agency and invest in a high-priced specialist.

Luckily there is a way to avoid all of the up-mentioned and many more troubles while hiring a new member of your team. Outsourcing of a team or a specialist now is the way out of this labyrinth of high-prices specialists, routine headhunting, and non-guaranteed results. 

For a startup, these benefits might be decisive as young companies not always have enough time and money to build an in-house team of professionals. 

Outsourcing as a business strategy was first recognized in the late 80s and became a part of the economies of the developed countries by the end of the century. Outsourcing mainly helps business owners and top managers of startups to concentrate on strategy and core issues of the product. Putting all the routine and mechanical work on the distributed team from low priced countries. 

It is a great way for startup owners to delegate an unpleasant job and save money at the same time. Now there is even a map of countries where you can hire cost-effective specialists for your project. For example, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa now are the most popular locations to find an outsourced team.

And what’s more, with outsourcing you can get access to the top experts in the niche who are just too expensive for hiring in-house, but whose expertise can benefit your company in a short-term project.

What kind of work companies can outsource

There is everyday work that any specialist would like to outsource if he or she had a chance. For startups, where everything begins from a scratch, the CEOs might outsource almost everything except core strategy establishment and decision making (sometimes decision making as well). 

With the help of toolsets that are available now, the outsourced activities are easy to track and control the subcontractors. The clients do not need to worry about any kind of content creation, workflow management, and many more as there different kinds of outsourced teams. About the types of teams that can be outsourced by a company, we will continue our article.

How to outsource: Branding

Creative content creation with an outsourced team is a popular option for startups. There is no risk for a team to be out of media context, as today the biggest majority of media content and design are prepared for western markets.

Even though content creation is an exhausting work, which requires a lot of editing, the creative team of Squadhelp, might help you to do your naming & branding fresh and catchy. A startup may also hire an outsourced team of copywriters, brand managers and designers. And business owners do not need to think of the amortization of the outsourcers: all of them pay taxes by themselves, pay their electricity and software bills.

The services of an outsourced team of branding managers can both be narrow and wide. From brand books and logos to the style of illustrations and visual communication mechanics, fonts – a remote team of outsourcers can do everything!

How to outsource: Design

Day by day, when the demand for software solutions and websites is growing, the offers of the outsourced team that create UX/UI design is increasing as well. Startups and big sized businesses both often use the services of outsourced teams. And there are reasons for that:

  • cost-cutting;
  • time-saving;
  • saving of human resources.

Numbers say that the demand for outsourced designers is growing every year but the competition for a client is still low for some countries. There you should find your perfect outsourcers.

Now when you know where to get the outsourced designers, you can receive high-quality services at low prices!

How to outsource: Development

Outsourced development teams operate all over the world. Most of all the outsourced developers do front-end and back-end software development, and they do it on a very high level.

The situation with remote developer teams is not very simple: they are in very high demand. But in return, the clients might get a talent that they would never afford if hired in-house and in the country where it is registered.

There are some main benefits of hiring a team of outsourced developers:

  • Of course, the first and maybe the main – cost reduction;
  • The second great benefit is that company and an outsourced contractor share risks equally;
  • Like we mentioned before, you can find the talent, that is not available in your area;
  • Business processes acceleration is another benefit of this kind of workforce. Finally, you and your in-house team can concentrate on strategy not being bothered by routine tasks;
  • Use of your internal team is more efficient when all the time-consuming tasks are being outsourced.

And it is not all the profit you can get from a remote developer. After delegating the routine work and monitoring carefully the progress of it, your business & colleagues will be thankful to you for that decision.

Speaking of outsourced development, you better work with specialists in their field – is a marketplace for offshore software development teams, backed by Y Combinator. The marketplace provides a great range of services – they can hire a whole offshore development team just within one week. Besides, they can do research for your project to figure out which team from what country is suitable for you. YouTeam research makes it easier to hire the most appropriate developers from all over the world. Cool, right?!

How to outsource: Recruitment

When it comes to recruiting, a business owner needs to decide whether it is necessary to spend time and money looking for a high-qualified HR department or not. It consumes a lot of the resources of the company to establish such a department. Computers, physical space, coffee machines, etc. are also needed to amortize the whole department.

Thankfully now there are plenty of other ways to avoid this kind of routine and hire a skilled team. Outsourced recruitment managers or teams are ranked first in the list of outsources all over the world. It is a good choice for companies, who want to save money, time, human resources, and don’t want to do extra paperwork. Also, the taxes are paid directly by outsourcers! 

All you get are pure benefits of hiring a low-budget and highly skilled talent, who you would never find for this price and on your location. By the way, mentioned above is a great example of an outsourced recruitment team, which provides a wide range of services in the field of outsourced recruitment.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of getting the recruitment work done by an outsourced team or a marketplace for offshore software development teams. In this case, we’d like to show you what else can be outsourced.

How to outsource: Advertising and Marketing

To hire a marketing department for in-house work is not easier than hiring a team of recruiters. Let’s see what functions of the marketing department a company can get outsourced.

Advertising is the main block of routine and time-consuming work that anyone would love to give to an outsourced team of specialists. PPC, Analytics, SEO, media buying, and many more instruments of digital marketing are not easy to work on your own, especially for the company owners, who never did anything connected to marketing. But not only digital marketing can be outsourced: classic marketing and PR you also can give in professional hands of an outsourced team.

All the benefits you get from getting this kind of team is still the same, but with some specific.

  1. Cutting costs here is less effective than anywhere on our list because you will need a marketing budget anyway. The point is that the people you hire are not the only thing you will pay for. The more your product costs, the more marketing budget should be!
  2. When finding a remote team of marketing outsourcers make stress on that the company needs to hire specialists who have already entered specific markets. This is when things can get complicated: each of the existing markets has its delicacy. Be sure to double-check such things!
  3. Uninterrupted workflow for your team depends on how often the company wants to change the marketing strategy. Some clients check on the progress of the marketing department’s work every day and there are ones who completely trust an outsourced team they hired. 
  4. With the outsources marketing and advertising teams your business might upscale quickly because like we already mentioned all the routine work goes to the specialists. And there are lots of this kind of work in marketing!

When the managers decide that the company needs an outsourced team of marketing specialists, it is better to go to an agency. Read the reviews and case studies – these are the most important things about an outsourced team of marketers.


Outsourcing is a great way to share expertise, earn more, and work remotely with foreign clients for an outsourcer and a cost & time-saving way for a company to get the work done. If your company has never hired an outsourced team before, you should remember to pick it carefully. You should listen to the recommendations of the other business owners who already hired an outsourced team.

There is no simple recipe on how to choose correctly the team of outsourcers for your project, but there are some pieces of advice we could give to the owners of the companies on that.

First, ask your colleagues for some recommendations. It is a proven way to pick a good team for your tasks: you can both look at the work the team has done for the project of your colleagues and get a discount.

If there is no opportunity to find a colleague who hired an outsourced team, make a research on the market. Find top-rated teams and read the reviews on their work. Maybe you will read the reviews on the specialized forums for the companies, who have experience working with an outsourced team.

Last but not least, you need to learn about an outsourcer before hiring – if he or she has experience in the market that the company of yours would like to enter. Make sure that an outsourcer has case studies to show you and if it is possible has nice reviews. Good luck with the hiring process and don’t forget to double-check our article before making a decision!

Author – YouTeam Editorial TeamYouTeam is a Y Combinator-backed marketplace for building remote development teams. YouTeam’s network of 400+ trusted dev shops in 35 countries makes it possible to find the best match for a project within 48 hours.

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