5 Tips in building your personal music brand

If you are an artist, good in singing and composing songs, chances are you will pursue the music industry and let yourself be known as a musician. But being known is different from being recognized in the craft that you do. If you have a good voice and excellent composing skills, you can be a musician. But to be recognized as a musician takes more than just having a good voice and excellent composing skills. You need to have your own brand – something that sets you apart from others in the industry. Recognition as a music artist takes more than just being a professional musician. Some go overboard with their style and fashion sense. Some create odd images of themselves just to stand out from the crowd.

Some musicians who have made a name for themselves and continues to be recognized in the field of music are as follows:

Michael Jackson – he is already known as a legend. Long before he passed away, he was already making good music and he had a style which no one else did that time. He had unique moves that made him stand out and shine. Indeed, no one is like MJ.

Elvis Presley – he became an American icon, known for his music and acting. He was known to be the “king of rock ‘n roll”.

The Beatles – the group of 4 started with matching haircuts. Then in awhile, they grew their hair and suddenly became more preferred by the audience. They were legendary icons. Their music was unique and they established a style for themselves – both in music and in the way they carry themselves.

These are just some of the musicians who are clearly recognized by people. Until now, they are remembered for their music and sense of style. Some other artists are Madonna, Beyonce and Adele. Each has unique characteristic of her own.

In order to build your own personal music brand, you can follow these 5 tips.

1) Understand yourself.

Know who you really are – what kind of musician you are. In building your musical brand, you need to manifest your personality and character into your music. But you cannot do that, if in the first place, you do not understand yourself. You need to find clarity and focus on the style of your music, the character you want to exude and the personality you want your audience to witness.

2) Be real.

In business, branding needs being real and honest to your potential clients. Just the same in the music industry, you need to be yourself. If you want to successfully brand yourself as a musician, you need to express who and what you truly are. It may sound like a cliche, but it’s the truth. You cannot go and deceive people with a personality you are not really into. No matter what you do, people are always going to know the real you. For example, if you are not much of a talker, do not sell yourself as a chatty musician to the audience. If you are not into rock, you cannot simply disguise yourself as a rocker when you are an acoustic player. Accept yourself, be real and make the best out of it.

3) Build up your online and offline presence.

You can market yourself and communicate your personal brand through your website and your social media platforms. Be able to connect with your audience and fans by interacting with them and posting as much as you can. However, be consistent and, as mentioned above, be real. You also have to be consistent offline, as you are online. Offline, you can build your brand through your business cards and newsletters.

4) Secure free press

You can get free press through performing for an audience as a guest. With this, you can build your personal music brand and, at the same time, get yourself out there in the open. While you are still building your personal brand as a musician, be able to offer free gigs and be open in being interviewed with media personnel. The media is very powerful. It can either make or break you as a person. So be friendly with them and be straight forward. It does not mean that if you get friendly with them, they already have the right to go overboard. You still set limitations. But being open to their interviews will secure you free press coverage and will enable you to reach as many audience as you possibly can who can be informed of your music.

5) Be open to mentoring and coaching.

Not all musicians get themselves a professional coach, but somehow, they have been coached and mentored by people who are experienced in the industry. If you are fresh in the business, you need all the guidance you need in order to make it and follow through the music industry. You may concentrate on your music and compositions, but you need advice on the steps which you are going to take to get yourself out there and find you some gigs. Mentors and coaches can also mean your friends and support group. Ask for their honest opinion and be open to their comments. In listening to them, you can also discover your weak and strong points. Thus, you can build your music brand better because you will have clarity on your personality and character.