7 of the worst business names

What is in a business name? In business, the name is the first thing people would know about your business. They may hear or see your product or experience your service, but it is in the name that they will be able to identify your business identity and speculate on the brand. The name often defines the kind of business the company runs and/or its target market or niche. Thus, a business name carries the banner of an organization and it is crucial, especially during the first stages and the introduction phase. It is the image of the business. Your name choice can either break or make the business.

Choosing the name of your business can be frustrating. There are a lot of choices, but your company’s identity and image depends on the choice you make. However, there are businesses which seem to not care about the image and message it sends to its potential customers. Or, these businesses intentionally created and chose a name which will somehow create humor or pun.

Here are 7 of the Worst Business Names

(not in any particular order)

1) Anal Jewelry Center, China

In the international market, it would not sound inviting, since English is the international language. However, the business owners may have a good reason why they name their business as such. And we are very sure, the name targets its local consumers.

2) Dick’s Carpet Care & Janitorial Services

It is a cleaning company in Los Amos and Santa Fe. It may be the owner’s name, since “Dick” is pretty popular as a male person’s name. However, encountering such may be an offense to those not so “open-minded”.

3) Killer for Hire Termite & Pest

We get that the business offers pest exterminating services. The name, at first glance, would scare people and wonder on the sense of humor of the owner or owners of the business. But based on its review in Yelp, they do offer quality services.

4) Tom Raper

The name creates a negative connotation to its potential customers, especially those who are very sensitive to the “word” and not so open-minded. However, it offers RV Sales and services to families – very ironic when matched to the business name.

5) Enron

Enron was a very powerful energy sector leader in the past. However, it went bankrupt due to its greed and conspiracy, taking down with them jobs, investors, retiree’s futures and even ruined some lives. Now, Enron is not such an inviting name. It is now synonymous to greed, bankruptcy and failure.

6) PanAm

PanAm was identified with the American country. It was doing well and very successful. It was a dream company to work for. It ultimately became an American icon. However, because it is an American icon, it was also a target for terrorism. Along with accidents and more competition, it collapsed in 1991.

7) Hitler Chicken

Now this is self-explanatory. KFC is not even amused when it copied its icon.