7 Online tools to help you brainstorm your company’s name

As you begin the process of finding an evocative, memorable name for your business, you’ve likely heard the same piece of advice over and over – brainstorm! Traditionally, we think of brainstorms as a group of people sitting in a room, tossing ideas back and forth until the perfect name is discovered.

However, your brainstorm, whether you’re alone or with friends, doesn’t have to be limited to a piece of paper and a pen. There are a host of tools and resources online that can help lead you to your future business name. Here are seven online tools that you can use in your next brainstorm.

1) Explore glossaries

Your product or company will likely get its start serving a certain niche, and more likely than not, that niche will have its own lingo or slang. Browsing a glossary of terms related to your niche will provide you with great name possibilities.

For example, if you are creating a new type of skateboard targeted towards teens, a Google search of “skateboarding lingo” or “skateboarding term glossary” contains tons of potential names for your company, like “Bigflip” or “No Comply”.

2) Peruse related images

Your naming inspiration doesn’t just have to come from dictionaries, thesauruses, or glossaries. A picture can also trigger the perfect name for your company, product or service. Use Google images or a stock photo service to search for pictures related to your company’s mission.

For your skateboarding company, a search for “teens skateboarding” may have a close-up image of skateboard wheels, which may cause a name like “Roll Wheels” to pop into your head.

3) Turn to a thesaurus

One of the best places to begin your brainstorm is with a thesaurus, where you’ll find a seemingly limitless list of synonyms and related words. Start by writing down a list of words that describe your company and product, and look up each of those words in a thesaurus to find related, lesser-known words. One of those words might end up being the perfect name for your company!

4) Brainstorm with Google

When coming up with names, Google can be your most valuable resource. Use a search engine as your naming brainstorming partner. Start searching for words or phrases related to your company or product. Get creative with your searches, and think outside the box.

When looking for a name for a new skateboarding company, closely related searches such as “skateboarding competition” or “skateboarding moves” turn up a host of great names, while less related searches such as “best bowls” or “different boards” may contain a link or word that tickles your naming fancy.

5) Play around with word combinations

If you have a list of words that describe your business or product, play around with different combinations of the words to create a unique name. You can try this with a pen or paper, or use an online tool like Word Combiner. Enter up to four words, and the tool will provide you with over one hundred different word combination names.

Remember when choosing from the list that you want a name that it easy to spell and pronounce – while you may love how “skate” and “tricks” combine into “Skaricks”, it’s likely that your customers won’t be able to recall that name at will.

6) Get punny

When naming your company or product, sometimes the best approach is a fun approach. Look through the list of words that describe your company, and see if any can be spun with a play on words that fit your product. In our example skateboarding company, teens may love a name like “Boarding Pass.”

7) Blast some tunes

Words and pictures aren’t your only resource when it comes to your company’s name – music can also serve as a great naming muse. Search for words or terms related to your business or offering in Spotify or iTunes, and browse some of the top tracks. A quick search of “skate” came up with the song “Skate & Destroy.” Now hop on the web to Googlestrom, explore the thesaurus, and search for images related to destroy.

While naming your company or product might seem like a daunting task, there are a host of tools online to help you craft the perfect name. Take your time, do your research, and have fun with it – it’s not every day that you get to name your own business.man-coffee-cup-pen