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9 Steps to Creating an Awesome Business Name: Part 5 – Enlisting Help


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing a series of posts outlining nine steps that will help you create the perfect name for your company, product, service, e-book, or app. This article will help you use the work you did in steps 1-4 to begin the naming process. Read Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 here.

While you may like to think that you can find the perfect name for your business alone, most entrepreneurs or business owners find that enlisting help when brainstorming can be incredibly beneficial. When you consult with others, you are much more likely to find the perfect name and feel more confident in your decision. After all, more people can come up with more names, increasing the likelihood that you’ll find the perfect name.

When putting together your naming team, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure the naming process goes smoothly. Below, we’ve outlined our five steps to running an awesome brainstorm:

5 Steps for Running A Productive Brainstorm

Find your naming team: Recruit your naming team – ask trusted friends, family members, cofounders, colleagues, or the Squadhelp Naming Community to help you brainstorm your name. Not all people on your team need to be “in the know” – often, an outside perspective is beneficial when brainstorming.

Once your team is assembled, decide the best way for everyone to communicate and brainstorm. Some groups prefer to schedule in-person meetings, while others use email or a collaboration tool like Basecamp. The method you decide to use is up to you – choose whatever way is most convenient for your team.

Share Your Naming Brief: Once your team is assembled, start by providing them with a copy of important information about your idea. This is where the naming brief you created comes in handy – knowing your Statement of Purpose, personas, name models, and other essential information about your business will help guide brainstorms in the right direction.

Take notes: When the brainstorming begins, be sure to write down every name that is suggested, as well as any relevant notes that provide more context for the name idea. While some ideas may not be appealing to you when they’re proposed, it’s important to record every name to review in the future. Sometimes a name that doesn’t sound great to you at first can end up being the perfect name for your business.

Look at every idea: After the initial brainstorm, review every name on your list, as well as the accompanying notes that you took. Revisit your naming list frequently – sometimes a name that wasn’t appealing at first or second glance may become the perfect name once you mull it over a few times.

Offer feedback: Once you’ve taken the time to review the original list, respond to the initial name ideas with feedback. The notes you provide your naming team could include your opinion on each name and ideas of your own on how the focus or style of the name could be modified to fit your needs better.

Be sure to be constructive in your feedback – if you rip an idea to shreds, your team will be more hesitant to offer up ideas in the future. You want to encourage a safe brainstorming environment where any idea goes – you never know when the perfect name will pop up!

What’s Next?

There is no need to tackle the naming process alone – in fact, you may find that working with others generates higher-quality names than you could have created alone. As an added benefit, walking your team through your naming brief will help you solidify the core goals and mission of your business. Remember to thank your team however you can, whether it’s a pizza dinner or handwritten thank you cards.

Now that you’ve (finally!) started the exciting brainstorming process, it’s time to start narrowing down your list, beginning with validating your name shortlist.

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