A Guide for Choosing the Best Real Estate Name for your Business

Cognitive Fluency – based on various research, psychologists suggest that during the prehistoric era, the brains of humans developed a liking for certain words that were considered easy to recall; and up to this time and age, the same idea is still being developed when it comes to name preferences. This cognitive fluency measures the capacity of how one can easily recall a name, and according to various research and studies, businesses with names that are easy to remember exhibit a much better performance compared to companies with strange and rather obscure names.


If you have decided on establishing a new company or division, remember that you should provide a good name for your real estate business; a good name is one that will pique the interest of people and will later on draw in potential clients. Mainly, you should first interpret the psychology of good and effective business namesto determine which will adequately suit your business, so before you really begin selecting names that are appropriate for your real estate company, consider those that appeal to your clients and prospects then after, think about how you can easily communicate your business goals to them.


Here is a short guide on how you can choose a great and effective name for your real estate business:


Invoke an Image

Emphasize and display your expertise and prowess using names that inspire potentials to think of only positive services; such words that can be used for these types of names include specialists or luxury, which automatically displays a certain strong yet positive image. However, keep in mind that you should not get too fancy with terms since it is still best to keep things simple; let potentials gain more knowledge about you and your services once they begin interacting more with you.


Consider the Growth of your Real Estate Business

In the long run, you should consider the chances of expanding and developing your real estate business, and if you are positive about making it grow, you must choose a name that is flexible and descriptive enough to specify an area such as a neighborhood and also the type of properties you actually specialize in.


Focus on your Local Area

People search for homes in specific areas, so real estate searching is basically a local experience; with this in mind, you should recognize and incorporate the name of your city or area into your domain name.


Doing this is also great for SEO since you will fare greatly with real estate searchers and search engines as well. Furthermore, words such as rentals, condos, properties, commercial, real estate, and homes can be easy to fuse with your target areas where you can create a name that contains vitally necessary keywords and is descriptive as well.


Make it Professional

By simply using names for your real estate business such as The Bailey’s Group or The Walker Team sounds good but to be direct to the point, something like Luxury Loft Group or Arbor Specialists would be even more effective.



Remember that all of the best sites of real estate businesses are very clear and precise with the types of properties they offer and focus on, as well as to whom they offer these to. This should also be true to the name of your real estate business and your website content as well so visitors will have an idea about you and your services.


Here are a few names that have been submitted to Squadhelp just recently, which you may find helpful when it comes to creating an effective name for your real estate business:



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