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A Naming Expert’s Tips to Choosing a Catchy Construction Company Name


So, you understand everything there is to know about how a construction company works. You know it’s not all about building fabulous infrastructure, but about shaping and reshaping society, and the world at large.

You’re prepared to jump into the mix of construction companies and leave your mark in an industry that has seen its worth grow above its 2019 estimated value of $1.3 trillion, one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the US. But the industry had also shed over 30% of its contractors in 2016. Let that sink in for a moment.

Ah! Now that you’ve realized that although the industry is a literal cash-cow, in every meaning of the word, it’s not a place that tolerates weak and generic companies, and what better way to scream: “Hey! Look at me, I’m different, I’m better!” than getting yourself a catchy construction company name that’ll give you a solid footing in the industry.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re only into renovations, a construction manager, a real estate developer, or even a holding company for your subsidiaries; make sure your company’s name is a perfect fit for your business plan.

Now, before you start crafting a marketing plan, look at the names of these successful companies and some brilliant catchy construction company name ideas from branding experts.

Some Examples of Catchy Construction Company Names

Without being told, you can tell almost instantly that these names are perfect for any architectural, residential, or commercial construction business because they’d allow you to scale your brand and smoothly adapt into any aspect of construction you want.

Today, we see the French-based Construction Company; Vinci adapting its name into its subsidiaries: Vinci Airports, Vinci Concessions, and Vinci Energies. Just the same way Paragon can be adapted into Paragon Energies, Paragon Airports, and Concessions. Trust us; this adaptability would do your construction business good.

Every effective, successful construction business stands on the foundation of a catchy company name.

How to Choose The Best Name

Your construction doesn’t just need a great name because it sounds good, although that matters, it needs a name that’ll stand the test of time, define its business values, build trust and set the mood for customer-staff interactions.

Here’re some ways we recommend you go about creating your catchy construction company name.


Yes, you’ve heard this before, but the truth remains that in getting a catchy name, nothing beats good ol’ daddy brainstorm. It’s usually the first step to a great name. So get yourself together, or your team, and begin writing as many names as you can come up with.

At this stage, you shouldn’t consider if the names sound great. Just take your time and get as many names as you can, but focus on names that reflect the key elements of your construction company’s values because it’ll help channel your creativity.

You should also consider getting help from branding experts to help you brainstorm because they’ve got lots of experience in creating great, memorable, and exciting names for companies that’d yield that authenticity your construction company needs.


After you’re done brainstorming and have successfully generated a bunch of names, the next thing to do would be to filter out names that have already been taken, or sound too close to a competitor’s, names without available social media handles or a .com domain. You don’t want your company lost in limbo.

If several names survive the criteria above, then for each name, ask yourself if customers would easily remember it, what emotion it communicates, and if it’ll allow you to scale your construction company.

If the answer is yes to all, then Voila! You’ve got yourself the right name.

Business Name Generator

There’s really no point in wasting months trying to decide which name your company needs because time isn’t waiting for you, and neither is the market. So, should in case you can’t find the time to brainstorm or the ability to filter the wrong names, then the best tool to turn to would be business name generators.  

Business name generators can suggest a bucket-load of great names that’d suit your company, and may even point you in the right path.

In The End

One last piece of advice as we close this off

Never underestimate the power of your last name.

A lot of great brands like Julius Berger, Bouyges construction, and Betchel all use the names of their founders to yield both classic and pragmatic authenticity. Happy naming!

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