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Advanced Naming Techniques To Solidify Your Brand



No matter the size of your company or what your product is, when it comes down to naming, we all want a name to stick. Besides the obvious ways and basic strategies for naming, here are some advanced techniques that go above and beyond:


Building a brand image is not easy. Thousands of times per year new products and companies are launched along with their new name. When evaluating any of this criteria or any potential name, it is recommended to ask yourself: What is the emotional reaction to this word? Does it do a good job of representing my brand?

Some of the secrets to success lie in hitting the attributes on this list:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Distinctive and Intriguing
  • Meaningful & Emotional
  • Visual Imagery


A simple name is a short name, easy to say, spell, read, and understand. Research says simple information is key to easily digest and remember names. Well known simple name examples include Apple, Jiffy, and Publix. With a simple name it is easier to process and easier to learn with minimal or no effort. Squadhelp has helped thousands of companies name their companies and products.

Examples of simple names from our arsenal include:

  • Parksy (a mobile app)
  • Kickstand (a line of bike parts)
  • Sip (a bar on the Vegas Strip)
  • Ethica (an organic spa)

Distinctive & Intriguing

Names with Distinctiveness are ideal because of memory, legalese, and branding propositions. Intriguing names are distinctive names that make you want to learn more about the company or product. Famous distinctive and intriguing name examples include: Xerox, Apple, and Starbucks. They are one-of-a-kind and trigger a curiosity in someone if they have never heard the word before in that context. One word of caution is to not make  a word to distinctive or too complex that it doesn’t fit in the category or would be hard to recall.

Squadhelp examples Include:

  • Rentleman’s (a men’s clothing rental service)
  • Evventi (an event planning company)
  • Hungry Spoon (breakfast brand)
  • Flexhale (a yoga app)

Meaningful & Emotional

Many marketers feel that the key to brand names is to make them meaningful. This can be accomplished in several ways, one of which is to include some sense of the unique positioning within the brand. Budget (cheap car rental), Diehard (batteries), plus charities Goodwill and Feeding America are all examples of meaningful names that reflect what they do or are known for right in the name. Emotional names can be meaningful too, such as Joy (dish soap), Obsession (perfume), or Salesforce (a CRM platform).

Examples of Meaningful & Emotional Names include:

  • Bold Move (a fitness blog)
  • Promise Hill (a non profit offering aid in developing countries)
  • Love Bites (a brand of chocolates)
  • Seasoned With Love (a cookbook)

Visual Imagery

Imagery occurs when the brand positioning can be easily summed up with a moniker that is recalled visually, such as Green Mountain Coffee, Mustang (thinking of wild mustang horses reminds one of harnessing horsepower), or Lean Cuisine (where I might think of myself at an earlier weight). There are also visual imagery examples that are abstract, such as Blue Buffalo Dog Food or Chunky Monkey ice Cream. Have you ever seen chunky monkeys in ice cream? No, but it is a powerful tool to help you remember that item.

Here are some Squadhelp examples of Names with  Visual Imagery:

  • Rocket Slice- a marketing agency)
  • Skin Fuel (anti-aging skincare)
  • Red Wind  (tech consulting firm)
  • Rustic Apron-( startup butchery)


In Conclusion, you can’t go wrong if you incorporate these proven tools into your product or company naming architecture. Names that have simplicity, are distinctive, intriguing, meaningful, emotional, and/or have visual imagery, all have a recall mechanism that will aid your brand positioning with end users.

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Insights from 20,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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