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Essential Strategies for Developing Agency Name Ideas


Starting a new agency can be a very exciting adventure. But before you begin printing business cards and creating company merchandise, you will want to come up with an effective name for your unique agency. Generating solid agency name ideas can produce a wide variety of benefits. The right name will help you create a capture attention, communicate the essentials of your brand, gain credibility with potential investors, and even attract talented members to your team.

Although good names may not always come easily, putting in the time and effort required to find a name that will help you build a strong brand will pay off.

Think about your organization’s key values

Your name is quite often the first thing that potential clients will discover about your agency, it is an opportunity to express what your agency is really all about. So begin by identifying your agency’s most important values.

For example, the name YellowFire Marketing (developed by the naming community) has several productive elements that will help this brand succeed. Yellow Fire is something that can be conjured in the mind. Anyone can vividly see an experience this name. Names like this are locked in the mind and therefore not easily forgotten. YellowFire Marketing is also unique, descriptive, and it speaks to energy and creativity.  

On the other hand, the agency name nimbl (also developed by the naming community) is immediately recognizable as modern, and any company that aligns with the agile mindset will resonate with this feature focused name.

What are some key elements of our brand are you excited to share in your name?

Choose a naming style that resonates with your target market

Even if two different agencies are operating in the exact same industry, if they have different target markets, the list of agency name ideas that will be suitable for them may be entirely distinct.

When generating name ideas, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of your prospective clients. What demographic characteristics do you believe are relevant? What kind of lifestyle does your target market lead? Most importantly, what kind of brand would be most likely to attract your target market’s attention? By keeping these simple questions in mind, it will be much easier to narrow your focus, and develop a strong brand name.

Brainstorm as many different agency name ideas as possible

Brainstorming is the critical step in your finding a name for your agency. Once you have determined that essential elements of your brand – powerful or playful, descriptive or intriguing – try this naming strategy to develop awesome agency name ideas:

  • Make a list of concepts that you’d like to association with your brand
  • Expand that list by using the thesaurus
  • Expand the list even farther by thinking of things that embody these characteristics (e.g. Technical Innovation = Tesla)
  • Using naming types to combine transform your words into names [e.g. mashup of Snap and Chat = snapchat, blend of Group and Coupon = Groupon (Group Coupon), transmutation of Zoom = Zumba, ampersand Crate and Barrel = Crate & Barrel.

When brainstorming, you should let your potential ideas flow freely and—even if a given name seems a little out of place—you should write down everything you are even possibly considering.

Once you have a sizable list of potential agency name ideas, you will want to read through the list again and again. The names that may actually work best for your company are the ones that will be able to survive multiple read-throughs.

Make sure your agency name is ready for the future

Now that you have a final list of names for consideration, you must these names will ensure your name will last. Begin by making sure your prospective agency names will be compatible with a memorable URL address. Additionally, make sure your shortlisted agency names do not have any trademark risk or similarly named competitors.

Back to you

If you have created a new agency, you are surely very excited to get started. But before you begin, you don’t overlook the importance of developing an original and effective name. By taking just the necessary time to make sure the agency name ideas you are considering are compatible with your values, target market, and industry constraints, you can immediately begin moving in the right direction.

About the author

Grant Polachek

Grant Polachek is the Director of Marketing at Squadhelp–transforming the way names are developed by combining an affordable agency-level brainstorming process with the unmatched creativity of “the crowd.”

Insights from 20,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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