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Audience Testing is Key To Unbiased Customer Validation


Your business name is arguably the most recognizable part of your brand. Company names hold great weight, and the right one can bring about brand familiarity, customer loyalty, brand attraction, and much more.

If you have embarked on a naming project, rather a first name or a rebrand, it is important to get unbiased feedback in your choice of names. Further,  you’ll want to be sure that the chosen name connects positively to your target demographic. This is where audience testing comes into play.

Here are three powerful ways audience testing help you in finalizing the naming process with confidence.

  1. Get Unfiltered Feedback from Your Target Demographic

Your friends and your family will enjoy weighing in on the perfect name for your new business. However, they might not be the best people to help make the final choice, perhaps it’s best to ask your target audience. Your family, after all, know you personally, which can bias their opinions.

Bias can go by many other names such as a preconceived notion, intuition, or prejudice. Biases are not always bad, however, they are not always right.

Our bias that fire is dangerous prevents us from putting our fingers into a flame. That’s a good thing. A preconceived notion that all people who wear glasses are studious may not always be correct.

Everyone has some type of bias. The best way to mitigate it is through unbiased third-party testing with quantifiable results.

Audience validation will deliver genuine surveyed results on the opinion of your business name from individuals who have no reason not to give you honest feedback.

  1. Gain Insight Into the Strength Of Your Name

Once you’ve gotten your feedback from those in your target demographic, you’ll have a greater understanding of how well your name will be received.

How do you know if the car you’ve picked out in the showroom is going to perform the way you expect it to? You take it out for a test drive to confirm or dispel your initial beliefs. Audience testing does the same for your brand name.

There are many theories on name testing. Here at Squadhelp our approach is to vet the final shortlist of 3-6 names against each other to see which one rises to the top. The name that performs that best has the greatest chance of helping you succeed in the long run.

  1. Launch Your Company With Confidence

When you consult with others, you are much more likely to find the perfect name and feel more confident about your decision.

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into developing and refining your business name idea in order for it to be a productive communication asset, which will help you succeed.  Knowing that your name is well received by your target audience is a great way to boost your confidence before you launch your brand.

Audience testing allows you to understand people’s reaction to your shortlist of names. It allows you to vet the names against each other, and choose the best one. Naming is stressful, testing helps.

What’s next?

If you are rebranding or launching a sub-brand, you can use your current customer network to perform audience testing. You can perform audience testing by attending a relevant Trade Show, questioning individuals at a local mall, or perhaps making use of your current social network (If you have enough people within your target market in your network). Visit our page on  audience testing for more information on our process.

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