Insights from 17,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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10 Simple Tips for Developing an Awesome Business Name


When getting your business off the ground, you’re likely overwhelmed with articles offering advice on how to choose the perfect name for your company, product, service, or app. With all the often-conflicting opinions on what makes a great name, you may be at a loss as to where to begin with creating your perfect name. Fortunately, Squadhelp is here to make the process a little bit easier. After...

Linguistic Analysis and Why it’s Important


Electrolux once marketed its products with the line “nothing sucks like an Electrolux”. The Coors slogan “Turn it loose” became a colloquial term for diarrhoea when translated into Spanish. Clairol launched a curling iron called “Mist Stick” in Germany without realising that “mist” is German slang for manure. Each of these mistakes highlights a different problem that occurred when a company...

5 Styles of Effective, Evocative Names for Your Business


When coming up with a name for your startup, rebrand, product, or just about anything else, it may seem like the name possibilities are endless. However, despite the millions of great (and not so great) company names out there, the majority of great names can fit into one of five categories: classic, clever, emotional, experiential, or intriguing. Let’s take a look at each category in more detail...

A Proven Approach to Creating Awesome Business, Brand, and Startup Name Ideas

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Many customers expressed a great feeling of relief after being taught this new approach to naming. Several individuals reported finding great names almost immediately after learning about this approach, even after struggling for weeks or months to find a great name. This two-part post reveals the details of our new approach to naming. Continue reading if you'd like to: (1) Understand the...

5 Great Name-Creation Strategies


Use these 5 tested strategies to develop a great name for your business, brand, startup, product, or just about anything else. 1) Research Start with research. Take inventory of what others in the space are doing. Think of some names that fit into the industry and others that stand out. 2) Search for words and phrases Use Google and other online tools to develop a list of relevant powerful words...

Do I Really Need a Six-Letter Two-Syllable Name? (Part Two)


In part one of this article we explored the believe that many entrepreneur hold about giving their venture with a six-letter, two-syllable name. This article covers the downside of these names, as well as the true gold standard in naming. Whether it’s a six-letter name or not, sometimes you’ll fall in love with a name that is already registered. This can alert you to impending trademark...

Business Name Types with Examples


Use these 14 Brand Name Types to develop an awesome names for your business, product, or just about anything else. Real Word – Apple, Swoop Misspelled – Lyft, nimbl, Mohawx Compound – SnapChat, SplitWave Phrases – StumpleUpon, Ready to Rise Blends – Groupon, Yuconic Made Up/Abstract – Orizia, Itorix Transmutations – Zappos, Zumba Acronyms – IBM, HP...

3 Reasons Your Target Audience Matters in Naming


When building your new business, brand, product, app, or just about anything else, you’re likely excited about finding the perfect name. This excitement may drive you to decide on a name before you complete a business plan, lay out your strategy, and define your target audience. While this may seem like an ideal order to do things, creating your name without first defining your target audience is...

4 Name Development Myths


As you begin the process of creating an amazing name for your company, brand, product, or just about anything else–you’re likely reading through articles providing you with more naming advice than you could ever want. After perusing these articles, you may feel like you have a grasp on what the naming process will be like and what you should do to find the perfect name for your company...

9 Funniest Slogan Mistranslations That Prove The Importance of Linguistics Analysis


Here are some less-than-desirable consequences of branding initiatives in which a tagline was not validated thoroughly. These 10 mistranslations will have your laughing out loud, but they are also a serious warning for anyone seeking success in our modern, globalized ecosystem. Hablas Español When Coors Beer expanded to Spanish speaking countries, executives at the company decided to keep their U...

Insights from 17,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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