Be a business trendsetter

The world is dynamic, especially in the business industry. What may be popular now will no longer be in the future. The future is not even counted by years – but months, weeks and even days. Trends often change. Sometimes they go back and forth, but most of the times they go forward. Innovation has been more of a necessity for companies rather than an added accessory.

Being updated to trends is beneficial for a business. But sometimes, being too reliant with what is “in” and “out” may allow your business to get lost in the fog of marketing strategies and dynamics. The goal is not only to keep updated and keep up with business trends, but the goal is more on how to be a business trendsetter. Being a trendsetter gives great impact to your business, because other businesses are coping up with your style and what you have set for the market. The trendsetter often lays something out for the market and give them a reason to follow and patronize your product or service. When you become a business trendsetter, it will not only boost your business ego, but your standing in the business pyramid – being a market leader.

So how do you become a business trendsetter?


Pause and allow time time for creativity

Take a break and give your brain a time to wander and wonder. It is never a waste of to set a schedule for your thoughts to freely flow and consider possibilities which you can integrate into your product or service. Ask yourself what is not offered in the market yet? Or if there is an existing trend, what can you inject to make it more unique and give it a new twist. Be innovative. You can start from old ideas and mix it up with something new.

Creativity is not just for you but also for your employees. If you have people working with you, give them time to discover their creative side and be open to their suggestions. Creativity is mostly unlocked once you know that someone will willingly listen and consider your idea. This is a way of cultivating creativity and innovation among your employees. Who knows, it will be one of their suggestions which will push your company for a boost on the business ladder.

Immerse and observe

It is always ideal to focus on your business – what you have to offer and what you cannot offer. But sometimes, it would be wise to immerse yourself into other businesses and observe the patterns and reactions of the market. Immersing will allow yourself to relate and feel the vibe of the impacts of other business strategies. Observing the market reactions will allow you to evaluate whether a marketing strategy or a product/service will be worth investing and if it is, whether how much time you need to be able to get results in be on top of the game.

Think like a customer or client

You may be a an entrepreneur or a businessman, but you are also a customer and a client to other businesses. Maybe not the same type of business you have, but you know what is like to be the one on the other end – the consumer. There is a saying which goes, “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers. (by: Seth Godin)” If you are a customer or a client, what do you want business to offer to you? If you are an avid buyer of a certain product, what do you want added to the product which will trigger you into saying that the product is superb? In other words, put yourself in the shoes of the consumers. What do you need? What do you want? What do you not need but will most likely want if being offered to you?

Asking these questions can help you build up ideas on being a business trendsetter. Yes, the goal is to be a business trendsetter. But ultimately, satisfy the wants and needs of your customers and clients. Once they are satisfied, your business and brand would become more likely to be a popular word of mouth from consumers. Other businesses can also observe this and would surely catch up. Then that is when you become a business trendsetter.