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5 Best Consulting Firm Names


More often than not, the name of your company will likely be the first thing a potential client ever knows about you. If you are operating in an industry that is as competitive as consulting, the importance of creating a quality list of consulting firm names should not be easily overlooked. Though you will still need to put in an effort to differentiate yourself from the competition, having a good name is an excellent way to get started.

Currently, there are many different approaches you can use to help create a list of potential consulting firm names. Though naming the firm after the founders has been popular in the past, many emerging organizations have been opting to use a more modern approach. Here is a quick list of some of our favorite consulting firm names in the industry.

Ground Floor Partners

If someone is looking for a partner that can help them manage their business more effectively, then they will probably want to work with someone who can work with them starting on the “Ground Floor.” As a consulting firm that specializes in creating business plans and developing marketing strategies, the name Ground Floor Partners is a very natural fit.


Answerport is an organization that helps solve a very wide array of problems associated with information technology and structuring a business. The name itself is highly suggestive of being a place you can go when you are looking for answers. Additionally, combining both of the words in the name into one is highly compatible with the internet and social media.


Though including a question mark at the beginning and an exclamation point at the end of a name may be a bit unconventional, doing so allows ?whatif! to clearly demonstrate their innate ability to think outside of the box. The company has committed themselves to helping their clients become more innovative—the name is an immediate indicator of an ability to think differently. Additionally, being able to be placed at the beginning of the alphabet (as many listings will do) is also something that can be quite helpful.


When businesses are considering consulting firms they can possibly use, they will naturally want to find someone who has the ability to think rationally and see things clearly. The “Logic” portion of Logic20/20 illustrates their commitment to making rational decisions while the “20/20” portion illustrates their ability to see things as they really are.


Since 2012, the innovative team at Propeller has been trying to help “launch” their partner’s forward in a variety of different creative ways. Having a name such as Propeller helps illustrate a clear picture of an object in motion making progress. Furthermore, a simple one-word name such as this may also be easier to remember.

These are just a few of the many creative names that have come to shape the consulting industry. The consulting firm names that will make the most sense for your organization will depend on your specific goals, the services you provide, and the kind of image that you are hoping to project.


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