Best email Campaigns to Attract Customers

Currently, e-mail is considered to be among one of the most powerful and effective marketing channels, especially when it comes to driving e-commerce sales; and based on research, e-mail actually has a ROI (Return On Investment) of about 4300% of this. Also, you should take note that authorized e-mail marketing has an even higher ROI compared to mails that are unsolicited, traditional advertising, or direct mails.


Furthermore, studies have also shown that e-mail marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tools when attracting, growing, and retaining bases for loyal customers; and also, businesses from all over the world utilize e-mail marketing to boost a company’s sales, generate leads, build brand loyalty, strengthen relationships, as well as boosting website traffic.


The reason for the high percentage of ROI is because the inbox of your customers and prospects are their most personal and secure spots online, and asking for their permission to have sales interaction through mails supplies you with more focus, attention and time for your message which you cannot really get when interacting via social media. Yet even if you have a large number of e-mail subscribers kept in your list, coming up with conversion-focused and creative mail campaigns that will interest your customers and prospects is a challenge.


Here are a few of the most effective e-mail campaigns that you can utilize to interest more people to your business:



Social Proof

By adding social proofs or elements to your e-mails is one great way to increase trust, as well as to display that people are purchasing your products; the main aspect behind the 20 to 50 percent purchases is due to word-of-mouth, while a slightly higher percentage of online consumers claim that they were more likely to purchase items on online sites that have both positive and negative reviews.



Scarcity E-mails

Scarcity is one of the most excellent sales triggers that marketers can utilize and take advantage of to get more people to take action in the process. You can also provide the customers with limited time discounts as well as incentives such as free shipping which can be another effective process to entice customers to move onto your checkout page.



Auto Responder

One advantage of the auto responder is when you need to inform your customers about a new product, sales, and any other changes that may occur. Remember to schedule the order of your auto responderon certain days when you know that you are unable to send e-mails. However, you should remember to limit the number of emails sent and limit it to just one per day since more than that is too much.



Exclusive E-mails

Aside from offering your customers with a limited deal, remember to include more value to this by offering them free shipping, as well as free returns on their items. By giving your customers these types of ‘subscriber only’ offers, it will make them feel highly special while simultaneously aiding you to establish customer loyaltywhile also making sales.




This is the form and practice of dividing your e-mail list by splitting then segregating your email list to the more targeted and focused groups. Dividing your list will actually give you the chance to provide more targeted and focused communication.