Best Social Media Platforms for Online Businesses

If you want to increase your brand presence, it has been suggested that you should be active on all or most forms of social media; and while this idea may be true, unless your company or business has a dedicated coordinator who manages your social media accounts, finding enough time to maintain and manage all of these can be very tedious and time-consuming.


If your business is fresh and just starting out, and you need to select a few social media platforms that will work best for your business, here is a list of the best social media platforms available, and how to make the best use out of them.


  • Facebook

Here, you can pay to promote your business’ Facebook page or consider advertising this; however, remember to not make your company’s Facebook page look and seem like an advertisement. Instead, inspire people through conversations and random (yet pertinent) shares and be sure to inquire and ask questions to allow more engagement between you and your customers.


Out of all the social networks, Facebook has the ability to adequately share responses to a specific post that asks questions or to start a general conversation. This social media platform also offers a personal connection which is a great distraction amidst busy working days.


  • Instagram

One of the main reasons why this social media platform is famous is because of its easy navigation and use; simply snap a photo then post, a very easy way to promote and advertise products which is why almost 85% of people use this platform for work.


Another advantage of Instagram is that there is no editing on the timeline; everyone who subscribes has the ability to see what you post every time. However, just like Twitter, the content that you post will eventually sink to the bottom of your news feed which can be a problem to some.


  • Twitter

Twitter may look simple but generally, it isn’t; you are limited to 140 characters which can be quite troublesome when trying to create something meaningful and pertinent in just that small number of allowed characters.


However, Twitter stands alone in its capability to establish huge and significant audiences quickly, plus it is great at creating initial connections that can readily lead to a more reliable connection on another platform such as a podcast or blog.


  • LinkedIn

For businesses that have not been able to establish a dedicated blog community, creating one in LinkedIn is a great opportunity for this. However, there is a limitation to this and it is because LinkedIn is generally a business website; you will most likely not publish about your favorite restaurant or movie unless these have a connection to your business, but for companies and businesses, this is another great option to advertise and promote your brand / business.


  • Pinterest

For those who have Pinterest accounts, they pin and re-pin posts onto Pinterest Boards – these boards automatically push Pinterest contents into categories which make them more organized in a way; not only that, but it also creates content that are easily categorized which is best for sharing with others.



Generally, on any of these social media platforms, you can easily establish a relevant and engaging group of audiences but for most businesses, the success on any form of social media begins with the richness and the quality of the content that is being provided to the customers and visitors.