Best Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Everyone wants to have a highly creative side, regardless of their profession or age.  Surely, there has been one instance where you have suffered from a creative block which at times can become really frustrating. During these moments, you end up wondering why such things occur and also think about how to get out of the situation to continue working effectively and efficiently.


Remember that this creative block happens to writers, hobbyists, artists, and anyone who uses their creativity for most of their work, and even if you force yourself to bring out those creative ideas, sometimes it simply does not work at all and your creativity plateaus at any time of the day.


So if you are someone who wishes to find ways to get your creative juices flowing again, here are some great ways to boost your creativity:


  • Learn to Relax
    Relaxing is simple so you can do it anytime and anywhere. Doing so will rejuvenate your mind and thoughts which then causes your creativity to flow naturally. There are various ways to unwind and relax such as walking on the beach, engaging in games, sports, or any other activity that you know can relax you.
  • Make some time for reading
    Reading relaxes and stimulates your mind at the same time; it opens the mind to new ideas and ways of thinking as it increases one’s creativity.If you are not into reading, don’t force it; start by reading short articles from a magazine or newspaper that covers your favorite topic. Just about thirty minutes of reading something can help bring your creativity back. Devote some of your time to reading every day until you are able to read a book or two, each month without effort.Not only will it bring out your creative juices but reading will enhance your vocabulary and knowledge about a variety of things.
  • The pressure of expectations – remove it
    Deleting the high expectations you usually put upon yourself will remove the stress you are having about the outcome of your task. Always remember that in any task you engage in, your creations must be made with love and passion without any expectations to the outcome. This will increase your chances of having a better work; plus, your ideas and creativity will naturally flow if the stress isn’t present.
  • Create in the mood
    Research has proven that creating and working in a ‘happy state’ is the most efficient way to produce a positive outcome; they have also learned that heightened positive and negative emotions can further bring out the creativity in a person.Remember, you don’t need to put yourself in a bad mood to become creative; if you’re in a situation where you’re emotional state is strong, sit down and focus then use this energy to create something which could be something worthwhile in the end.
  • Write
    It’s great to bring a pen and notebook with you all the time or even a sketch pad would do if you’re an artist. Make it a habit to jot down your ideas as soon as something comes to mind since it can also be considered as an exercise for the brain to keep those creative ideas flowing.Writing down your ideas help clear your mind too and it gives room for other ideas that you may think of later on. Also, you won’t have to worry about forgetting these ideas when you need them eventually.
  • Stop criticizing  yourself
    Knowing that you’re doing your best in every task removes the barriers that prevent you from getting more creative ideas. Never criticize or be overly harsh to yourself and don’t compare yourself or your works to others. We are all creative and you are too, you have your own way of creating your works and others do as well. By accepting this fact, you are removing those self-limiting beliefs from your system which usually blocks your sense of creativity.
  • Do new things
    If you continuously want to boost your creativity, bring in new ideas and do things that you have never really done before.
  • Practice makes perfect
    Even for just a few hours, practicing your craft regularly keeps your mind creative and working. If you’re a writer, go and write something every day; if you’re an artist, doodle random things too just to keep your creativity flowing.