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Brand Name Ideas With Emotion – Branding Expert Picks


Have you ever experienced a time where you saw or heard a word and were instantly transported to another memory? 

Emotion is a vigorous natural state that has the power to transfer us to another moment where we are met with an overwhelming feeling of perplexity, bliss, bitterness, etc., depending on our experience. 

That’s the power of emotional names!     

Promise, Triumph, Hope – these are all positive and significantly impactful words that can transform a business into an uplifting beacon within their industry. 

If your business is intrigued by incorporating an emotional name into your branding story, here’s a list of emotional business names that our branding team really LOVE: 

  1. Triumph Motorcycles 
  2. Genuine Impact
  3. Stoic Routine
  4. Course Hero
  5. Trusting Social 
  6. Releaf 
  7. Thrive Market
  8. Positive Food
  10. Brave Care

From these examples, you can catch a glimpse into the world of emotionally driven business names. Power words like trust, brave, daring, provide an irrefutable force that helps connect and create a unique bond between the business and consumer.

Emotionally driven names can be an excellent way to set your business apart and trigger those strong connections within the brains of your stakeholders and get remembered

Explore more brand name idea examples or continue learning about how to pick the perfect business name.

About the author

Grant Polachek

Grant Polachek is the Director of Marketing at Squadhelp–transforming the way names are developed by combining an affordable agency-level brainstorming process with the unmatched creativity of “the crowd.”

Insights from 20,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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