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Brand Naming Ideas for Your Consulting Business


It’s essential for consulting companies and marketing agencies to demonstrate their strong knowledge of branding in order to succeed. Clients are going to be putting their trust and money in you, so you need to immediately establish your consulting agency as a credible brand.

There are a number of things your clients will look at while scrutinizing your brand; your logo, your website, your messaging, and so on. However, the first and most lasting impression your brand makes is through its name. A brand name is a company’s mission statement and first impression combined. As you can imagine, this makes your brand name quite important to the health and success of your business.

Without a memorable brand name, customers won’t be able to refer your company to others, limiting the scope of your outreach. The consulting industry is already dangerously crowded, so it’s essential that you do everything you can to ensure referrals and help your brand stand out. But how do you make sure your consulting brand name sticks out in a good way?

Consulting Brand Naming Styles

Because there are so many consulting and creating agencies competing nowadays, we’ve seen a wide variety of different branding styles succeed. No two brands are exactly alike, and for that reason, you need to find which naming style works best for the brand vision you have in mind.

“Pro North” is an example of an intriguing brand name for a creative agency. The name isn’t meant to be literal or pragmatic. Rather, the two single English words that make up the name both represent desirable traits in a consulting company. “Pro” evokes feelings of authority and professionalism, while “North” represents themes of progress and exploration. The combination of common words with subtle meanings intrigues the customer and entices them to learn more.

An excellent example of a modern name for a consulting or marketing agency is “FabCX”. The name represents “Fabulous Customer Experience,” though it is shortened to look trendy and compact. The use of two-letter acronyms makes a brand look technology-focused and cutting edge. The name is also incredibly easy to pronounce, hear, and spell, which encourages recall among potential customers.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency name that appears prestigious and well-connected, a classic name like “Titan Eagle” would be your best bet. “Titan” recalls the mythological giants, symbolizing strength and stature, while “Eagle” reminds audiences of the majestic bird of prey, commonly seen as a symbol of justice and power. Combining these two words makes the name look serious, high-end, and well-established. If you’re aiming for older clients who may be too perplexed by trendy branding, classic names will get you far.

How to Know Which Naming Style Would Work Best for Your Brand

Given the large scope of the consulting industry and the wide variety of brands seen within it, it can be difficult to figure out which of these naming styles would work best with your brand vision.

To figure out which style would suit your brand, list out all of the values and personality traits that give your brand worth and make it unique. It’s a common misconception that companies should settle on a name before making any other branding decisions. It actually works in reverse: by creating a brand’s messaging, tone, and core values, you have a foundation upon which you can build a solid brand name.

Here are some examples of what this would look like:

  • My creative agency is lighthearted and quirky. We’re full of eclectic creatives and we’re not afraid of looking silly or childish.
  • Fitting Names: EpicFrog, Upyugo
  • My consulting agency is all about using technology to disrupt the industry. We’re always moving forward and we highlight progressive values in our branding and services.
  • Fitting Names: IgniteTheory, Nimble Arrow
  • I need my marketing agency to look well-established and prestigious. We symbolize power, strength, and reliability. Our brand name needs to be one that can stand the test of time.
  • Fitting Names: Eagalis, Leadeus, FocusBull

If you lay out the core values of your brand, it will be significantly easier to come up with a brand name. Without any sort of guidance, you’ll waste a lot of time trying to come up with something out of thin air. It’s a lot like being asked to tell a joke. Without any guidance, the choices are so limitless that you can’t think of anything at all.

If you’re having trouble figuring out if your name appeals to the values that matter to your target audiences, consider undergoing audience testing. This will help you make sure that your intentions behind your name and your audience’s perception align in a meaningful way.

Final Thoughts

No matter what values your brand represents, it’s crucial that your consulting agency has a brand name that is memorable and appealing to target audiences. Squadhelp is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs looking for a brand name that fits their business perfectly. With over 30,000 hand-picked names available in the Marketplace, Squadhelp can provide quality names for any imaginable type of brand. Alternatively, you can launch a contest to get directly in touch with our community of over 200,000 global creatives in order to find a perfect name for your unique consulting company.

For more information on the science behind naming, check out Squadhelp’s Ultimate Guide to Naming.

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