How to choose a Catchy Name for your Local Store

Most people may not consider it as highly important but choosing a memorable name for your local business is a vital step in the process of business planning. Whether you are starting a pet grooming business, a real estate office, a dance studio, a restaurant or an ice cream shop, a catchy name would go a long way in differentiating your local business and attracting new customers. So where do you get catchy name ideas for local business?


You should see to it that the name you choose reflects your brand identity while also ensuring that it is protected and registered for the long term. Also, give enough thought on the name you choose while checking if it’s web-ready and if the domain name is available for you to use.


Here are some favorable tips to help you choose, protect and register the name for your local business:


  • Begin with your store’s promise or catch-phrase. It’s crucial to know what your local business is all about before choosing and finalizing a name of your choice. This promise isn’t necessarily what your product or services are, but it is basically the deeper connection it should reach out to your users or customers – it is how your brand or company should make the customers feel. One of the recent contests on Squadhelp was to find a name for a Cat Cafe – this is a local business where patrons enjoy coffee or baked goods while hanging out with adoptable cats and kittens. What a cute idea! The winning name suggested by our community was “PurrfectCupCafe” which is a catchy name and incorporates the key aspects of this business (Cats and Cafe).
  • The name should be expressive and suggestive but never descriptive. Descriptive names are fine when you’re starting out a business since it can help advertise your product while making it easier to get discovered by people. Despite the advantages, having a descriptive name will most likely limit your business especially if you’re aiming for an expansion in future. Make sure that the name you choose will be flexible and not only limited to one product you offer. For example, which name do you think is an expressive option for a Liquor store , “Joe’s Liquor Shop”, or “The Tastery” as was suggested in this naming contest for a quirky, elegant liquor store concept .
  • Use real words for your name. Yes, this can be tricky especially if you are facing difficulties when securing trademarks and URLs which tempt you to make words up or even misspell them. Doing this will not have a positive effect for your brand since potential customers may have difficulties in pronouncing, spelling, and even remembering it.Generally, most people prefer words or names that are familiar, so by combining familiar words plus using them in unique and creative ways, the name of your choice will surely stand out.
  • Consider the context of your name. A name for a brand or company can be compared to a baby’s name. If you’re still in the process of choosing one, people may have various reactions and suggestions based on the choices you have mentioned to them. When you are presenting various name options to other decision makers, put the name in context and not just the naked words alone.
  • Make a draft of a logo design, or sample it on a web page or a business letterhead since seeing the name choices in action can make it easier to envision the brand while also making it easier to choose the best one for your company.
  • Stay away from initials. Rely on names that are interesting and catchy since initials for a new brand will be considered boring. Although such companies like IBM have gone successful despite them choosing initials for their name, remember that this is a multi-billion dollar corporation and have been around for the longest time. You could opt for initials when you and your brand has brought in large amounts of dollars, but for now, be creative and find interesting names for your brand or company.
  • Lastly, opt for a meaningful name that communicates benefits – if you hear it, you would instantly know what it is. Also, remember to choose a name that isn’t too generic.


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