How to Name Your Vitamin and Supplements Brand

Great names preframe a brand experience, attract attention, get remembered, connect with an audience, and facilitate buzz, referrals, and sales. Your supplements brand  name can be a true communication asset, helping you reach key business goals – and we’re not just talking about abstract goals like the development of brand recognition over time: When a […]

Venture Capital Firm Name Ideas to Spur Your Creativity

If you are hoping to run a successful venture capital company, then you will want to find as many ways to attract creative clients to your business as you possibly can. Without the ability to attract those who are looking for capital, your venture capital firm will have a much more difficult time getting off […]

Legal Business Name Ideas – Get Inspired

The legal industry is one that is highly competitive. Each of your prospective clients will inevitably have a number of different legal companies to choose from. Naturally, if you are hoping to get their attention, you will need to find a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. One of the surest ways you can […]

best classic book titles

The Best Classic Books with Emotional Titles

Some of the best classic book titles have deep emotional draw. Though everyone has heard the old cliché “you should never judge a book by its cover,” sometimes we can’t help but do so anyway. The name of the book we see on the cover is often our first impression of its content, and naturally, […]

How to Develop Names for Your Legal Business

If you are the owner or operator of any sort of legal business, one of your most immediate uphill battles is establishing credibility. Naturally, the purest way you can establish credibility is by working hard, being honest, and dedicating yourself to your business. But until you have earned the reputation you are striving for, much […]

How to Write a Great Brief for Your Brand Naming Project

When starting your brand naming project, begin with the end in mind. A great name is going to help you develop a strong brand, communicate with your target audience, and grow faster. Take the time to write out the key criteria that will help you accomplish these goals, before jumping into your project: What is […]