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Overcoming the Search Paradox for Brandable Domains


For the last two decades, companies have been investing Billions of dollars in SEO every year with a goal to achieve high rank in the organic search results. In the early days of SEO, concepts such as “Keyword stuffing” were quite popular. The idea was to fill your website with tons of targeted keywords in order to “trick” the search engines in ranking your website...

Avoid these devastating Technical mistakes when naming your business or brand


When creating name ideas for a business or brand, the most important focus is always to create a relevant name with strong meaning and positive associations. Whether the name is descriptive (PayPal, Science Comics, Noodles & Company) or subtle (Tinder, Apple, GreenPeace, Red Bull) a great name sets up your brand positioning.  However, in your search for a powerful name, don’t...

Business & Brand Name Ideas 101 – Essential Training


In this video, we’re going to share with you proven tools and techniques to create names that people will like and love.  While you watch this video, you’re going to want to have three things in front of you: Open an active Squadhelp contest that is assigned to you, so that you can follow along and practice everything we’re teaching right now and get the most from this training...

Brand Naming Ideas for Your Consulting Business


It’s essential for consulting companies and marketing agencies to demonstrate their strong knowledge of branding in order to succeed. Clients are going to be putting their trust and money in you, so you need to immediately establish your consulting agency as a credible brand. There are a number of things your clients will look at while scrutinizing your brand; your logo, your website, your...

Naming Ideas for Your Finance Business


In an industry like finance, connections are everything. Finance brands live or die based on the endorsement of influential people and the respect carried by their brand. The absolute last thing you want is for a satisfied client to forget your name when recommending similar services to a friend. These crucial word-of-mouth recommendations don’t materialize if your business lacks a rock-solid...

How to Name Your Business – Making Your Brand Explode With a Stellar Business Name


So, you need a brand name for your new and totally awesome startup, new venture, passion project, or whatever it may be.  You sat down in front of your computer and expected the perfect name to just… exist. Three cups of coffee later, you tried every business name generator out there only to be greeted with generic, lame names.  (Business name generators are not our friends) ...

The Oedipal Complexes in Brand Naming


When you’re trying to generate business names, you may feel like all the names that you consider “good names” are taken.   This is because the most obvious names have already been taken!  Over 50 million new businesses start up each year. Coming up with a name that will help your business stand out is a challenge. One mistake you should not make is coveting the names of your...

Emotionally Preparing Yourself for Trademark Conflicts

Emotionally Prepping for TM conflict

Sometimes you fall in love with a business name. You’re head over heels and ready to rush off into the sunset with this great brand name idea… And then you find out it’s taken! Running into trademark conflicts is actually quite common when naming a business. Unfortunately, the truth is that in today’s competitive business world, with hundreds of thousands of businesses started every year, most...

45 Awesome Fitness Brand Name Ideas


Naming a business is all about giving off a great first impression. You need to resonate with your audiences, stand out, and show people what’s different about your business. When you are coming up with a name for a fitness company, you need a name that embodies what values your company holds. Check out this list of names for a fitness brand. These fitness contest-winning, hand-picked unique...

Why a Great Brand Name is One of the Most Valuable Tools for your Business


Just how crucial is a good brand name for your business success? Isn’t a solid business idea enough to be successful? Unfortunately, a good idea is no longer enough in this modern age. We live in a fast-paced world where instant appeal reigns supreme. If something doesn’t impact your audience right away, then they will swipe away and keep scrolling. This means that there’s immense pressure to...

Insights from 20,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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